Signs That Indicate Your Friend Is Attracted To You

Signs That Indicate Your Friend Is Attracted To You

Some of the best relationships start with friendships – but how can you be sure your friend likes you?

Here are nine signs that indicate your friend is attracted to you.


1. Signs That Indicate Your Friend Is Attracted To You: They Make An Effort To Impress You

Your friend often tries to impress you; they tell you about their accomplishments at work and in their personal life, and they always make an effort with their appearance when they see you.


2. They Are Flirty

Your friend flirts with you frequently. Sure, some friends can get a little flirty after a few drinks, but your friend is flirty even when they are sober. They are also very complimentary about your appearance, and they often make positive comments about the way you dress.


3. They Are Physically Intimate

They are often physically intimate with you; they touch your arm or your leg when they laugh, they always sit next to you, they like to hold your hand and they always hug you when they see you. Of course it is possible to touch someone’s arm or leg accidentally, but if it is happening frequently it is probably intentional.


4. They Are Protective

They are protective over you; they worry about your safety when you are out and about, and they care about both your physical health and your mental health.


5. They Are Very Invested In Your Romantic Life

They want to know everything about your romantic life. When you are single they ask if you are using dating apps or meeting someone, and when you are seeing someone they often ask how things are going. This is partially because they genuinely care about your happiness (and partially because they want to know if you are available or not).


6. Other People Think They Are Attracted To You

Your other friends make jokes about the pair of you getting together. You may think this is just a joke, but it is because they spend time with you two together and they can see that your friend treats you differently.


7. They Contact You Frequently

They love spending time with you and they want the relationship to develop, so they often reach out to make plans or chat. They do this multiple times a week, and they dedicate a significant chunk of their free time to you.


8. There Is A Romantic Spark

When you are together you do feel a spark between you. You’re not sure how to act on it, as it is subtle and hard to describe, but you do feel it. If you are in a room with other people you gravitate towards each other, and you are always aware of the other person’s presence.


9. They Don’t Like It When You Date Other People

Your friend doesn’t normally seem very happy when you date other people. They probably try to hide these feelings, but you sense their unhappiness when you talk about your date. This can be a little confusing, but it is likely because they are attracted to you and they were hoping to make a move themselves.

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