Signs That Indicate You Are His Rebound

Signs That Indicate You Are His Rebound

Being someone’s rebound can really suck – especially if you think that your date has genuine, serious feelings for you. After all, no-one wants to spend months putting time and effort into a relationship that isn’t going to go anywhere… but how can you avoid this?

The best way to avoid being someone’s rebound is to look out for certain signs. This will make it easier for you to work out where you stand, so you can decide if the relationship is real or not.

Here are seven signs that could indicate you are his rebound.


1. You Spend A Lot Of Time In The Bedroom

Sometimes you and your crush go out for food or drinks, but most of your relationship takes place in the bedroom. Sure, this could just mean that you have a passionate relationship – but if you don’t really spend much time getting to know each other, it could mean that you are a rebound.


2. He Is Often Angry

He always seems to be annoyed about something, but when you ask him about his feelings he shrugs you off. You sometimes wonder if he is annoyed about his ex, but as he doesn’t like to talk about his feelings you don’t know for sure.


3. He Recently Got Out Of A Relationship

He only got out of his last relationship a few weeks or months ago, and he started dating you quickly afterwards. This could mean that he always had feelings for you – but if you only recently met him, there is a good chance that you are his rebound girl.


4. They Don’t Talk About The Future

Your date never brings up a future with you – and if you bring up the possibility of a future, they seem uncomfortable and cut the conversation short. They might say this is because they don’t like serious conversations, but in reality it is probably because they don’t see you in their future.


5. He Compares You To His Ex

He constantly brings up his ex and compares you to her. This makes you feel uncomfortable – after all, who wants to be constantly compared to someone else!? – and it probably also indicates that he isn’t over her. People don’t constantly think about someone unless they are still interested in that person.


6. You Don’t Feel Valued

Even though you and your crush have a connection of some kind, you frequently feel undervalued and unhappy.


7. You Think He Would Take His Ex Back

Even though he has lots of negative things to say about his ex, you still feel like he would take her back if she wanted to restart the relationship. This probably makes you feel low, and you might be tempted to tell him to cut off communication with his ex altogether – but in reality you deserve to be someone’s number one choice.

It can be very painful to realise that you are someone’s rebound, but it is better than wasting time with someone who doesn’t realise how amazing you are.

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