Signs That Indicate You Are A Serial Monogamist

Signs That Indicate You Are A Serial Monogamist

Have you spent most of your adult life in relationships? Are you rarely single?

If so, you could be a serial monogamist. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing; in fact, sometimes it can be a good thing. However it can be beneficial to understand your dating habits, especially if you are single and actively dating.

Here are seven signs that indicate you are a serial monogamist.


1. Signs That Indicate You Are A Serial Monogamist: You Start Relationships Easily

Some people take months or even years to find someone they have a connection with, but you don’t have any issue finding someone that you’d like to date. You have chemistry with the majority of people you meet for a first date, and most of the time you are happy to meet people again for a second date.


2. You Are Rarely Single

You tend to stay in relationships for as long as you possibly can, even if the relationship makes you unhappy. And when the relationship does end, it doesn’t take you long to start dating again. This is because you dislike the idea of being single, and you believe that you can only be truly happy if you have a partner.


3. When You Are Single You Rebound

One of the main reasons why you are rarely single is because you frequently rebound. You believe the best way to move on is by meeting someone new, so you actively seek out new relationships as soon as your current relationship ends. This can result in a lot of rebound relationships.


4. You Hate Dating

You really, really hate the idea of dating. You know you have to date to find a relationship, but your ultimate goal is always to be with one person exclusively. This means that when you meet someone, you often rush through the dating stage in an attempt to make the relationship feel more ‘real’.


5. You Love The Honeymoon Period

You may dislike dating, but you love the honeymoon period. This is because the relationship feels more official than when you first met, but you still get to experience the thrills and romance of falling for someone new. Be honest with yourself about your desires; are you truly compatible with the other person, or is the connection purely physical?


6. You Don’t Like Being Alone

You struggle with independence and being alone. Sure, you can do it for small amounts of time, but generally you find the idea of being alone uncomfortable. This subconsciously pushes you towards finding a relationship, even if you could benefit from alone time and self-reflection.


7. You Have An Unrealistic Idea Of Love

You want the kind of love that is seen in rom-coms, and you refuse to settle for anything less. This unrealistic view of love can cause problems in your relationships, as you sometimes see healthy traits (such as disagreements and time apart) as a problem.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to find love, but it is important to put your own needs as an individual first. Make sure you can be happy on your own, and then look for a relationship that will compliment your life, rather than dominate it.

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Amy Johnson
Written by Amy Johnson