Signs You And Your Date Don’t Have Anything In Common

Signs You And Your Date Don’t Have Anything In Common

You’ve met up with your date a few times, and generally things seem to be going okay – you’re not fighting with each other or arguing, and they haven’t said anything that you strongly disagree with. Yet despite this, something seems off.

If you can relate to this, maybe you and your date don’t have anything in common. While it is true that opposites attract, couples do need to have a few essential things in common if they want to be in a relationship with each other.

So is there a connection between you and your date.. or not? If you want to find out, check out these signs that indicate that you and your date don’t have anything in common.


Signs You And Your Date Don’t Have Anything In Common

1. You Don’t Understand Each Other’s Senses Of Humor

Every time you tell a joke your date stares at you with a blank face (or vice versa). They are not offended or shocked; they just don’t understand that you are joking as their sense of humor is totally different to yours.


2. There Are Lots Of Awkward Silences

Whenever you are with your date you are constantly trying to think of things to say to fill the pauses, and yet there are still lots of awkward pauses. This normally means that conversation doesn’t flow naturally between you, so it is often forced and stilted.


3. One Of You Likes Being Surrounded By People But The Other Person Doesn’t

One of you loves going to busy, bustling places that are filled with people, but the other person hates crowds. This may not seem like a huge deal to start with, but this can be a common difference that often causes serious problems for couples.


4. More Signs You And Your Date Don’t Have Anything In Common: One Of You Loves Spending Time With Friends But The Other Doesn’t

One of you loves to socialise and be around their friends, so they try to make time for their friends every day, while the other person rarely sees their friends or talks to them. This can cause problems later down the line, especially if the less sociable person becomes clingy – and it can also be a problem when you start dating too, particularly if one person wants the other to meet their friends and socialise with them on a regular basis.


5. You Have Completely Different Interests

It is totally normal for people to have different interests to their partners, but if you have completely different interests this can be a problem. For instance if one of you is an introvert who hates sport and the other is an extrovert who plays football five times a week, this could be fine – but if the extrovert wants a partner who will play with them and go to football games, this could be a problem.

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Amy Johnson
Written by Amy Johnson