Signs That Indicate He Is A Player

Signs That Indicate He Is A Player

When it comes to love, different men want different things. Some men are loyal, kind gentleman… but other men are players. Instead of dating one woman and treating her with respect and loyalty, they continue to flirt with other women and act single – and they don’t tell their date that they are doing this. This is because they want their date to be loyal to them… even though they won’t behave in the same way.

This can cause a lot of emotional pain for the other person, especially if they are looking for a serious, loving relationship. If you are single and you want to make sure that you avoid players, here are four indicators that someone is a player.


1. Warnings From Other People

If other people know that your date is a player, they may try to give you a friendly warning. This can seem insulting; after all, no-one wants to have their relationship questioned! However it could be a sign that your date is a player, especially if the warning comes from someone who knows your date well.


2. They Are Secretive

If you date always leaves the room to answer his phone, or he tilts the phone screen away whenever he is texting, it could mean that he has something to hide. It can be difficult to know for sure what this means, but if you feel like they are hiding something you should listen to your gut.


3. They Are Very Flirtatious

Whenever you are out with your date he flirts with women around him. Whether it is a waitress or a bar tender, he can’t help to be flirty – and he also checks out women whenever they walk by. This is very disrespectful, so watch out for these signs.


4. They Push For A Physical Connection

If someone likes you for who you are, they won’t push for a physical relationship right away – but if they are only looking for sex, they will be very pushy. Some women mistake this for attraction, but in reality if someone is really attracted to you, they won’t risk sabotaging the relationship straight away for sex.

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