Signs She Likes You As A Friend

Signs She Likes You As A Friend

It can be very frustrating wondering if your crush likes you back. They talk to you frequently and you think that the pair of you would make a perfect match – but you can’t really tell if they actually have feelings for you or not.

If you can relate to this feeling, don’t worry. Sometimes it can feel like it is impossible to find out how someone else feels without humiliating yourself, but there are lots of clear signs that you can look out for.

Does your crush want to be in a relationship with you, or do they just want to be friends? Here are a few signs that indicate she just likes you as a friend.


1. She Is Unaware Of Your Flirting

If she seems oblivious to your flirting attempts it could mean she isn’t interested in you. Most people are very aware when someone is hitting on them, so if they take no notice of your flirting it could mean that their mind isn’t in the same place as yours.


2. They Don’t Make An Effort

Whenever you see your crush she is chilling in her casual clothes or PJs, and she only dresses up around you if the situation calls for it (such as a big group night out with friends).


3. She Has A Very Friendly Approach

She is always very friendly with you, and she regularly refers to you as a good friend. She will openly discuss most things with you, including more personal things such as her personal issues and embarrassing things. This could make you think that you have a very special bond, but if the conversations stay friendly rather than flirty it could mean that she sees you as a best friend, rather than a boyfriend.


4. She Hasn’t Made A Move

When you two are alone without other people her attitude doesn’t change; instead she still talks to you as she would in front of other people. She doesn’t make excuses to get physically close to you (such as trying to sit next to you or gently touching your arm), and there has also no flirting on her side – if she ever compliments you it is a friendly compliment, rather than a flirtatious compliment.

It isn’t nice to realize that your crush doesn’t like you back, but it is better than wasting your time chasing someone who isn’t interested in you – and if you are single and looking, you are more likely to find someone who crushes on you!

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