Signs Of A Serial Online Dater

Signs Of A Serial Online Dater

Online dating is more popular than ever before. This means that there are millions of people online who are looking for love… but there are also lots of people who aren’t looking for anything serious.

Of course there is nothing wrong with this, but if you are looking for a serious relationship it is likely that you don’t want to waste time dating someone who only wants a casual relationship. Sadly some casual daters do lie online, as this means they can still enjoy a semi-casual relationship for a while.

Thankfully there are lots of signs that indicate that someone is a serial dater.

So if you don’t want to waste your time, here are four signs that the person you are talking to is a serial dater.


1. They Rush Things

Serial daters tend to rush things because they love the chase. As soon as you start talking they will ask you for pictures and phone calls, and they want to meet in person as soon as possible. However they aren’t very interested in talking about an official relationship, despite the rushing!


2. They Check Other People Out

Whenever you hang out with them you notice their wandering eyes. Of course it is fairly normal to look at other people occasionally (especially if they are being loud!), but if they check out everyone who walks past it is likely that they think the grass is always greener. This can ruin your self-esteem, so if you notice your date always checking other people out it could be best to end the relationship.


3. They Are Bad At Communication

They are very good at casual chit chat, but they struggle with serious conversation. If you ever bring up anything serious, they immediately try to change the subject… or they clam up and stop responding to your messages for a while.


4. They Get Bored Easily

They easily seem to get bored when you are speaking. This is because they aren’t interested in building a solid relationship with you, so they aren’t bothered about getting to know you properly. Instead they just want to crack jokes and have casual conversations.

It can be stressful meeting a serial dater, but it is important to remember that most people online are looking for a serious relationship. It just takes a little time to find the right person!

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