Should You Date The Life And Soul Of The Party?

Should You Date The Life And Soul Of The Party?

The life and soul of the party makes every social event more enjoyable. They know how to make people laugh and have fun, and they always seem happy and upbeat– but is dating them a good idea?

The answer depends on you and your personality. Some people are well suited to party loving extroverts, while others find their behaviour irritating or attention-seeking.

Here are the main pros and cons of dating the life and soul of the party.


The Pros

One of the main pros of a party animal is that they have exceptional social skills. They will be better than most at smoothing over awkward situations, and they will always have something fun or interesting to talk about. This is ideal for introverts who don’t like the limelight being on them, but it isn’t ideal for extreme introverts who prefer to avoid the vast majority of social situations.

Another pro is that party animals can normally come up with interesting plans in a short amount of time. From visiting a block party to checking out a new bar, they always have a suggestion, which is perfect for people who don’t like spending every night inside.


The Cons

One issue that may crop up is you wishing you could have more one-on-one time with your partner. While socialising can be fun, it is also very important for couples to have private time with each other, especially at the beginning of the relationship when they are still getting to know each other.

Partying can also be a problem if you are an extreme introvert. This is because it is very unlikely you will want to socialise regularly, and this can cause conflict over time.

Another issue is that the party animal is likely different when they are not partying; they will probably be quieter, more reserved and more reflective. This is because very few people can maintain their party personality all of the time, but when they calm down they could appear bored or disinterested.

You may not be a good fit if you have an attention seeking personality disorder (such as HPD), as both people in the relationship will prefer to receive attention, rather than give it. Over time this can cause both parties to feel neglected.

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