Sharon Stone Removed From Bumble Dating App

Sharon Stone Removed From Bumble Dating App

It can be tempting to assume that dating is simple for celebrities… but it appears that isn’t actually the case. Sharon Stone recently revealed on Twitter that she was locked out of her online dating profile because other users simply couldn’t believe it was really her.

The actress tried to sign in to her Bumble account, only to discover that her profile had been blocked after several users reported that it was fake. She then took to Twitter to complain about the situation.

The Basic Instinct star said; “I went on the Bumble dating sight and they closed my account. Some users reported that it couldn’t possibly be me! Hey @bumble, is being me exclusionary? Don’t shut me out of the hive!”

Lots of people seemed shocked that the stunning actress would need to use an online dating site, and many used it as an opportunity to connect with her. The results are pretty hilarious; our favourite tweet came from a man who said; “Damn that’s so crazy I knew there was a reason we hadn’t matched yet haha but we’re here now so…”

Thankfully the issue was quickly resolved; the editorial director of Bumble Clare O’Connor said; “AHA! @sharonstone, we at @Bumble found your account, unblocked you, and ensured this won’t happen again. You can get back to Bumbling! Thanks for bearing with us and hope you find your honey.”

So good news for Sharon Stone – but how can you make sure that you avoid fake profiles when you use online dating?


How To Avoid Fake Profiles

Sharon Stone’s online dating profile was removed because people thought she was fake – and while they were wrong, it is true that there are thousands of people pretending to be someone else online. Dating websites like Tinder and Bumble in particular have lots of scammers as their websites are free to join and require no verification – so if you want to avoid online scammers, use the Date British Guys verification system.

Our website requires users to send in identification to prove who they are, and then their account will appear as verified. So if you start talking to someone, you can be sure that they definitely are who they say they are! We also have lots of other tips to make sure you stay safe if you decide to try online dating.

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