Online Dating Trends That Are Popular In 2019

Online Dating Trends That Are Popular In 2019

The world of dating is constantly changing and evolving – and this is particularly true when it comes to online dating. After all, a decade ago online dating was more popular with the older generation, and most people wanted to find a serious relationship… but now there are both young and old people using online dating, and people look for both hook-ups and love.

Here are four online dating trends that are popular in 2019.


1. Things Are Moving Faster Than Before

Many online daters are tired of endlessly messaging people, only to end up being ghosted – so in 2019, things are moving faster than before. Many people want an extra form of contact (such as your phone number, or a social media link) so that the connection feels more real, and lots of people also want to meet up or Skype as soon as possible.


2. Phone Calls Are Not As Popular

Things may be moving quickly for lots of online daters, but despite this phone calls aren’t particularly popular. This is partially because many people say that phone calls give them anxiety; they feel under pressure to be witty and interesting, and they worry that if they don’t make a good impression straight away the other person will be put off. So if you start dating someone and they are hesitant to talk on the phone, it doesn’t mean that they don’t like you; you might just need to find a way to communicate that works for both of you.


3. First Dates Are More Casual

In the past, it was totally normal for a first date to be a meal at a fancy restaurant… but many modern daters are shunning this in favour of a quick drink or a coffee. This is because people who are online dating tend to go on quite a few first dates, so going to a restaurant every time can be very expensive! So instead people are going on more casual first dates, which is somewhat less romantic – but at least they are saving some money!And it isn’t all bad news; the vast majority of people who want a serious relationship still want to go on romantic restaurant dates. They just want to be sure that they have a spark with their date first.


4. More People Use Professional Pictures

You may have noticed a rise in beautiful, glossy online dating profile pictures… and this is because more and more people are using professional pictures. Whether they hired a photographer to help them, or they are simply using their work LinkedIn picture, it seems that professional pictures are more popular than ever. And it isn’t hard to see why; professional pictures tend to be more attractive, and they show other people that you are serious about finding someone.


When it comes to dating, some things will always stay the same; don’t try too hard, use your manners and don’t push for sex straight away. But some aspects of dating have changed, so it can be useful to be aware of these changes. After all, this year could be the year you meet your soulmate!

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