Online Dating Resolutions For 2021

Online Dating Resolutions For 2021

2020 is nearly over (which we are sure many people are happy about!), and 2021 is just around the corner. If you are thinking about setting resolutions for the year, you’re not alone; around one in three people set resolutions every year, and most people set goals to improve their health – but why not also set goals for your love life?

If you are on a quest to find love, it could be beneficial to set some goals to help you along the way. These goals will push you outside of your personal comfort zone, and they will help you to grow and find love.

Here are four online dating resolutions for 2021.


1. Online Dating Resolutions For 2021: Don’t Get Attached Too Quickly

Try not to get too attached too quickly when you match with someone new. This part of getting to know someone can be very exciting, especially if you are really attracted to the other person, but remember you don’t really know each other yet. Wait a few weeks before you get really excited, as otherwise them unmatching you could really upset you.


2. Don’t Wait For Someone Who Isn’t Ready

You’ve met someone you really like, but they shy away from being in a relationship with you… while still wanting to flirt with you and talk every day. This can be very confusing, and you may be tempted to wait for them to realise they want to be with you – but what if they never decide to be with you? If that happens, you will really regret waiting around for them, so we suggest calling it quits. If the other person realises they made a mistake, they will reach out to you to reconnect.


3. Talk About Your Needs

If you are talking to someone and you know how you feel, communicate those feelings. Lots of people hold back as they worry about putting themselves out there, but if you really want to find love you have to be willing to step out of your comfort zone.


4. Online Dating Resolutions For 2021: Don’t Overthink It If They Stop Texting You

Ghosting is sadly a big part of modern dating, so if someone stops messaging or texting you try not to overthink it. Many people assume that it means they are unattractive or undatable, which is very disheartening – but in reality they are probably overthinking it. In reality the other person might not be ready for a relationship, or they may think you live too far away, or you may not be their type. That doesn’t mean you aren’t a catch, so try to move on without placing too much importance on one person’s opinion. Remember not every single person will want you (and to assume so is a little big headed!).

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