Online Dating Red Flags That You Should Watch Out For

Online Dating Red Flags That You Should Watch Out For

When people are looking for love in person they know the red flags to watch out for, such as being rude to service staff or always being late to dates. However when it comes to online dating red flags it can be hard to get a good read on someone – especially if they’ve only got one photo and they haven’t filled their profile in.

Despite this there are still red flags that you should watch out for. From impersonal messages to refusing to meet in person, here are 5 online dating red flags that you should watch out for.


1. Online Dating Red Flags That You Should Watch Out For: They Send Impersonal Messages

Have you ever received a long, impersonal message from someone you’ve never spoken to before on a dating website? Some online daters write out one long message that they send out to anyone they find attractive, which can be hundreds of people. If you receive a message like this you may be tempted to reply, but you deserve someone who takes the time to write a personalized message, so you know that they have read your profile.

It can also indicate that they are not looking for a genuine relationship, as they don’t take the time to search for someone who they have a connection with; they simply see your profile picture and make a move!


2. They Don’t Have Any Social Media Accounts (And They Disappear For Huge Chunks Of Time)

The person you are messaging doesn’t seem to exist anywhere else online; no Facebook, no Instagram and no Twitter. This isn’t a red flag as some people choose not to use social media as they think it is a distracting time waste, which is totally fine.

However, it is a red flag if they also disappear for days at a time. You will be messaging each other for a couple of hours and then they suddenly stop responding. They don’t say that they are going to work or to bed, and then a day or so later they reply to your message like nothing ever happened.

The lack of online presence and not replying could mean that they don’t want you to be involved in their life; maybe they don’t want a relationship, or maybe they already have a partner. Either way it isn’t a good sign.


3. They Don’t Want To Meet In Person

DateBritishGuys is an international website, so it is possible that you are messaging a wonderful person from another country. In this case it can be hard to meet up quickly, but if you start to fall for each other and you want a serious relationship together, the possibility of meeting up eventually should be on the cards.

It is a serious red flag if the person doesn’t even want to talk on the phone or via Skype. If they are genuinely interested in you they would jump at the chance to move forward with the relationship.


4. They Have A Very Long List Of Things They Don’t Want In A Partner

Most people have a few requirements that they look for in a partner, such as someone who doesn’t smoke and is within their age range. While this is normal, it is unhealthy for someone to have an extremely long list of things that they don’t want in a partner. If you are messaging someone who says things like “I won’t tolerate reality TV, blonde hair, someone older than me, or someone with a bad fashion sense”, it is likely that they are an extremely demanding (and negative) person. They are indicating that they are bossy from the off, and they have overly high expectations for their partner.


5. They Are Vague About Their Job

There’s nothing wrong with being unemployed or having a small income, but ideally your partner will have goals and aspirations. If they get vague whenever you ask about their job; maybe they say that they are an entrepreneur but they seem to be unemployed, or they describe their job situation as “complicated”, it is likely that they are either lying or not telling the whole truth. You deserve someone who is upfront and honest with both you and themselves.

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Amy Johnson
Written by Amy Johnson