Online Dating Profile Picture Tips To Double Your Matches

Online Dating Profile Picture Tips To Double Your Matches

Online dating is one of the most popular ways to meet new people. After all, there are currently over 323 people using online dating apps! However it can still be difficult to get matches, especially if you have low quality pictures on your profile.

Thankfully it is very simple to improve your pictures – and no, we don’t mean by using Photoshop or editing tools! All you need to do is follow a few simple tips, and you can significantly improve your dating profile.

Here are three online dating profile picture tips to double your matches.


1. Online Dating Profile Picture Tips To Double Your Matches: Prepare Before Taking Pictures

If you want to look more attractive in your online dating profile pictures, prepare beforehand. If you know you are meeting up with friends, style your hair beforehand, pick a flattering, eye-catching outfit, and make an effort with your face (whether this means shaving or applying subtle make-up). You may even want to do a skincare routine the night beforehand. Then when you are out you can ask a friend to take a few photos of you. This preparedness means you are much more likely to get an attractive picture.


2. Use Interesting Pictures

Various studies have found that both men and women are more likely to get matches if they use interesting pictures. So don’t just post a few selfies; make sure to include some more noteworthy pictures too! This could be a picture of you at a café with your favorite drink, or it could be a picture of you and your pet. Whatever you think shows off your personality best! This will help your profile to stand out among the rest, and it will also attract people with similar interests. For instance, if you post a picture of you doing yoga, you are more likely to match with fellow yoga lovers.


3. Be Your True Self

You may be tempted to use filters or FaceTune to make your pictures more ‘conventionally’ attractive, but this isn’t a good idea for a few reasons. The first reason is that you aren’t being honest about what you actually look like, which is deceptive (and could put people off in the long run).

The second reason is that most people don’t actually like edited pictures. In fact, a recent study found that men are less likely to trust someone who edits their pictures! So if you want more male matches, go for unedited, high-quality pictures that show off your true, natural beauty. This will help you to get more matches that are actually attracted to your authentic self.

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Amy Johnson
Written by Amy Johnson