Online Dating Green Flags You Should Look Out For

Online Dating Green Flags You Should Look Out For

Most online daters know which red flags to look out for. From posting no pictures to talking about their ex, there are lots of things to avoid – but what you should look for instead? What are the green flags for online dating?

Turns out there are a few, and knowing them will make dating much easier (and more enjoyable!) for you.

Here are six online dating green flags to look out for.


1. Online Dating Green Flags You Should Look Out For: They Clearly Say What They Are Looking For

People who are serious about dating tend to say so in their profile. For instance, they might say “looking to settle down” or “hoping to find someone I can spend the rest of my life with”. These phrases make their intentions clear, so it is easier for you to work out if they are on the same page as you. After all, dating can be a minefield, so it is always good to be specific!


2. They Read Your Profile

If someone is really interested in you, they will take the time to read your profile. They will understand that attraction alone isn’t enough for a long-term relationship, so they will learn about you and your interests to make sure you are compatible.


3. They Have A Personalized Opener

Someone who takes the time to think of a unique, fun opener is probably more interested in you than someone who just sends a generic “hey”. Sure, there is nothing wrong with saying hi – but it only takes a second to do, and it doesn’t let you know if they have read your profile. It also doesn’t give you much to work with, conversation wise!


4. Their Pictures Have Variety

There is nothing wrong someone posting a selfie or two, but this doesn’t let potential matches know much about their lives. People who are looking for serious connections tend to share more about their life and their hobbies; for instance, they might post a picture of them with hiking, or they might post a picture with their pet or their friends.


5. They Smile In Their Pictures

Smiling pictures are nearly always a good sign. They show that the person is positive and cheery, and it also tends to make them seem more attractive; various studies have found that people become more desirable when they smile.


6. They Are Verbally Positive

People who say things like “no gold-diggers!” or “no people who use text speak!” are normally focused on the negative side of life, while people who talk about the things they love tend to have a better mindset. They choose to focus on the good things in life, rather than clinging to negative experiences, which shows maturity.

Sure, everyone is allowed to be annoyed by certain things – but choosing to mention this in a short bio could mean that the person is judgmental or frustrated. Instead choose to match with positive people who will improve your mindset and your life.


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