On-line dating tips to help you find someone amazing

On-line dating tips to help you find someone amazing

Do you want to meet someone amazing? In today’s world, on-line dating is one of the most popular ways for couples to meet. It is also one of the most proactive ways, as you can actively message other people who are also looking for a relationship.


Often people think that this would speed up the process, but sometimes it can feel like you are making no progress with on-line dating. Instead you endlessly chat with various people, but it can be difficult to find someone amazing.


If you can relate to this, it may mean that you have picked up bad dating habits.


On-line dating is just like dating in real life; there are universal rules that you can follow to make sure that your on-line dating experience is a positive one. Here are 5 tips to help you find someone amazing.



1. Choose a site that suits you

Every dating site offers a different experience, so it is important to choose one that suits your individual needs. For instance, if you want to meet someone quickly and efficiently, the best option is normally a dating site with a paid subscription. Lots of people create dating profiles on free websites to see what the fuss is about, but they rarely log in to check their account as they are less interested in meeting someone. If members have to pay to use their account, you can safely assume they are more focused on starting a relationship.

Save yourself time and emotional heartache by deciding what you want in love. Ask yourself these questions; Am I looking for something long-term, or something more fun and light-hearted? Do I want to go on date with others, or do I just want to share a few flirty messages?


2. Be honest

One of the best pieces of advice is ‘just be yourself’, and that certainly applies to on-line dating. It may be tempting to slightly exaggerate your looks and skills, but there is no benefit to doing so. Anyone who meets you will know that you lied, and no-one likes (or trusts) a liar.

Be honest about yourself and you will find genuine connections with people who like you exactly as you are.


3. Decide what you want

Before you start to message other people on the site, it can be useful to really decide what you are looking for. Messaging lots of people will waste your time, and it often means people become more and more picky – resulting in them pushing away someone great because they are too busy messaging someone else.


4. Look out for people who exaggerate

One of the biggest risks of on-line dating is being lied to. Many people stretch the truth about their appearance, age and lifestyle, but by asking follow up questions you can normally figure out if you are hearing the truth or an exaggeration.


5. Stay safe

At Date British Guys the highest priority is the safety of our users. If you are thinking about meeting up with someone you met on-line, it is important to make sure they didn’t:

  • Ask you for money
  • Act pushy or aggressive
  • Give you vague responses
  • Do anything to make you feel uncomfortable

If you experience anything that makes you feel worried or uncomfortable, please contact a site admin so we can work with you to resolve any problems.

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