Nancy and Ian Get Married!

Nancy and Ian Get Married!

We are pleased to say that Nancy and Ian met through Date British Guys in 2016, and the pair recently took the next step by getting married to each other!

Date British Guys spoke to the happy couple to find out more about their happy relationship.


Nancy, who lives in Colorado, said; “I met Ian online on August 2nd, 2016, and we soon started talking daily. Right away there was something special… although I was a little freaked out over him telling me was going to marry me a week in!”

Ian, who lives in Devon and describes himself as a West Country boy through and through, wasn’t worried about her fears.

He said; “I knew within a week of connecting with her that I was going to marry Nancy, much to her astonishment at the time! Her glowing personality came shining through the very first time I talked to her, and I also really admire her straight talking attitude.”


Marriage On The Mind

The pair were soon smitten with each other, and so they decided to make plans to meet in person for the first time. Ian decided to fly out to America for Thanksgiving, and the pair had an amazing time with each other – but one trip wasn’t enough.

Nancy said; “Ian came to visit me for Thanksgiving in 2016, then he came again in January 2017. He was back over in early March as well!”

The pair were now completely in love with each other, and so Nancy decided to travel to Britain with her son to visit Ian.

She said; “My youngest son and I went to visit him and his son in late March, and then we decided to take the next step… Ian and his son travelled to Colorado in August, where we were officially married on the 10th.”

The couple had a fantastic wedding – and Nancy refuses to let the classic rainy British weather bring her down!

She said; “I just arrived back from seeing him yesterday – in the photo I sent we were enjoying the wonderful English weather and had a great time! He will also be here in two weeks’ time for another American Thanksgiving.”


The Future For Nancy And Ian

Ian added; “I’m travelling over to the US for Thanksgiving, and then hopefully Nancy and her youngest son will be able to join me here in the U.K. whilst I complete the rest of my military service. When I have finished my service we plan to travel throughout the U.K. and Europe, and then after a few years we plan to return to the US to begin the next chapter in our lives together.”

The pair both seem very ready for their future. Nancy said; “I’m in the process of selling my house, and when that is done my youngest son and I will apply for visas to finally be with Ian full time. Thank you for making it possible for me to meet and fall head over heels for Ian!”

She added; “He is the most thoughtful, kind and loving man ever. He is an amazing father and so incredibly funny and smart. He picks me up when I’m down, even if he doesn’t know he is doing it. Everyone I know loves Ian; his family, my family, everyone. There isn’t a single person who has met him that can say anything bad about him!”

“He is just amazing in every way – and without your site I’d never have even known he was out there. Thank you again!”

Ian seems just as happy to be spending the rest of his life with Nancy, saying; “She has brought a love into my life I’ve never experienced before and I feel so privileged she’s chosen to spend her life with me.”

We are so happy to hear that Ian and Nancy met through our website, and we want to congratulate them on their wonderful marriage!

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Amy Johnson
Written by Amy Johnson