Myths About Long Distance Relationships

Myths About Long Distance Relationships

Sometimes long distance relationships get a bad rep, but in reality long distance relationships can be very successful. In fact, every year multiple people using Date British Guys get engaged to their long distance partner!

Are you thinking about dating someone who lives far away? If so, here are five silly myths about long distance relationships that you shouldn’t listen to.


1. Myths About Long Distance Relationships: It Is Like Being Single

If you can’t see your partner every other day, it must mean it feels like being single, right? Wrong. Many people in long distance relationships text every day, and they also arrange weekly dates (such as watching a movie together over Skype). Sure, you can’t physically be in a room with them whenever you want, but you can communicate whenever you want – and when they visit, it will definitely feel like a real relationship.


2. You Won’t Talk As Often As Other Couples

People in long distance relationships talk to each other just as much as couples who live close to each other. From texting to phone calls to Skype sessions, there are lots of ways to stay in touch with each other!


3. It Is Hard To Be Faithful

Some people assume that it is harder to be faithful in a long distance relationship, but this simply isn’t true. Temptation exists everywhere, but if someone is really in love they will never cheat (no matter where their partner lives). This is because faithful people understand the importance of loyalty and commitment.


4. It Can Be Difficult To Trust Each Other

It doesn’t matter if you partner lives 5 minutes away or 5 hours away; if you don’t trust your them, you probably shouldn’t be with each other. Remember that distance doesn’t create trust issues; lack of communication and respect does. So if you are struggling to trust your partner, it is likely their behaviour that is causing the problem, rather than the distance.

5. It Won’t Work Out

Some people assume that long distance relationships never work out, but we can prove that isn’t true. Every year we receive multiple letters from LDR couples who met through our site, and the vast majority of them are now married or engaged. So if you really want it to work, it will! It may take some time and effort, but that is the case for any relationship.

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