Monica And Neil Get Engaged!

Monica And Neil Get Engaged!

Monica joined Date British Guys in 2019, and in July she matched with Neil. The pair started talking every week, and they soon realized that they were head over heels in love with each other… so they decided to meet in person.

Monica flew to Britain this February, and the pair finally got to spend time together. They had a wonderful trip, and Neil asked Monica to marry him before she flew back!

So we decided to talk to the couple to find out more about their love story and engagement.


When did you first start talking?

Monica: We first started talking on July 3rd, 2019. We did instant messages and video chat, both on DateBritish Guys and Facebook.

Neil: I saw her profile in July, and thought she looked and sounded lovely!


When did you first meet?

Monica: We first met in person on February 19th, 2020. I flew to England to meet him, and we spent nine wonderful days together I had such a fun and amazing experience traveling so far to meet Neil – it really was the trip of a lifetime!


What do you love about each other?

Neil: I love Monica’s sense of humor, her smile and the way we get along so well. I look forward to speaking to her every day; there is always so much to talk about.

Monica: There are many things I love about Neil! I love his sense of humor. I love that he has a kind heart and is so thoughtful. I love that I can talk to him about anything, and I can be myself around him. I love how intelligent he is. I love that he is artistic and creative. Many more things as well!


What are your plans for the future?

Monica: On the last day of my trip to England, Neil proposed to me. Of course, I said “yes”! We plan to get married in December of 2020 or in January of 2021. We have started the fiancé visa process, and when we get accepted Neil will move to America, and then we can get married.

Neil: We are going to get married as soon as I can move to Utah. All being well, hopefully by the end of the year!


Do you have any advice for singles on DBG?

Monica: Yes! Try to keep a positive attitude; it is so worth it when you find someone special that you have an amazing connection to.

Neil: Be patient, enjoy getting to know people.


We are so happy to hear about Monica and Neil’s engagement, and we wish them all the best for the future.

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