Mikah and Robert get engaged!

Mikah and Robert get engaged!

Mikah and Robert first matched in 2019, and the pair are now engaged to be married! Robert will soon be moving to the USA to be with his love – but first, we decided to find out more about their magical love story.


When did you first start talking?

Mikah: “Although Robert and I initially matched nearly 3 years ago, it seems we were both occupied with other potential relationships at the time. Thank goodness none of those worked out!”

“When we did start talking I basically told Robert that I was tired of the touch-and-go, and I asked that he just message me directly if he was at all interested. Turned out he was! Since then we haven’t stopped speaking.”


When did you first meet?

Rob: “After a good amount of video and voice calls we set a date of 4th April 2022 and Mikah made her way to the UK to visit me and we first met, in person, when I picked her up from the airport. When we first met, it was like we had known each other forever so there was no awkwardness, and nothing but happy vibes and excitement to finally be together in the real world.”


Mikah And Robert Get Engaged!


What do you love about each other?

Rob: “Sounds like a bit of a cliché, but it is no lie to say I love everything thing about Mikah. She is so understanding and caring, and for the first time in my life I have found someone that loves me for me and I can be my true self around her.”

“Being with Mikah is so easy and it just works. I knew immediately that Mikah was the one I was looking for, and so I proposed shortly before Mikah was due to return to the US on her first visit.”


Mikah: “Honestly? I love everything about Robert, it’s that simple. He is the best man I have ever known and when I’m around him (even when I am not) he makes me feel completely loved, for no other reason than I am me.”

“I don’t ever feel like I have to say certain things or do certain things or avoid certain things, in order to have him love me; he just does. The genuine nature of his character, his work ethic, his core moral values, and his humor, all lead me to feel like I cannot wait to be able to spend the rest of my forever with him.”


Mikah And Robert Get Engaged!


What are your plans for the future?

Mikah: “Robert proposed directly after our initial meeting, and just a few short weeks ago we filed and submitted our paperwork to bring Robert over to this side of the pond. Earlier this week, we learned our application was accepted! We anticipate his arrival in the early portion of 2023.”

“We will be married directly thereafter by my aunt, who is a Justice of the Peace here in Illinois, in the building where I currently practice surrounded by family, friends, work family (and probably a few random criminals. Unavoidable due to circumstances, but it will make for some fantastic photos to be sure!).


Rob: “I know Mikah is looking forward to showing me around the USA and everything it has to offer. Other than having Mikah as my wife, I am most looking forward to big plates of food and enjoying the NFL!”


Do you have any advice for singles on DBG?

Mikah: “I would say stay strong and resilient. Both Robert and I had to weed through quite a few…less than desirable matches we’ll say…until we finally found one another. Once we did, we knew.”

“Know yourself, know what you want, do not settle for less and above all, never feel the need to compromise your values or your self-worth for love; real love neither demands nor requires that you do. Oh! And love is out there and possible; trust me….it only took me 42 years to find it. Good luck on your journey.”


Rob: “Long distance relationships will never be easy when you find your favourite person, but use it to drive you and push through the challenges. Believe in yourself, believe in your person and trust the process.”


Mika: “Honestly, I cannot thank you or this site enough because without you, I wouldn’t have met my Robert and the only person I want to have by my side, every day, for the rest of my ever, however long I am fortunate enough for that to be.”

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Amy Johnson
Written by Amy Johnson