Low Pressure Date Ideas

Low Pressure Date Ideas

For some people, just the thought of going on a date causes them to stress and panic. We understand this – first dates can be hard to navigate, especially if it’s the first time that you’ve been alone with the other person. Thankfully it is possible to remove some of the stress from the date by thinking of some low pressure date ideas.

Forget about fancy meals in posh restaurants or expensive cocktails in a loud bar; date locations like this can make you both feel hyper aware that you are on a date, making it harder for you to relax and enjoy yourselves.

Instead go for a fun, low stress date location that gives you the chance to really get to know each other. If that sounds preferable to you, here are six low pressure date ideas.


1. Low Pressure Date Ideas: Enjoy Some Friendly Competition

If you are worried about awkward silences, consider enjoying some friendly competition with your date. For instance, you could play a game of mini golf, or you could enter a pub quiz. This is because the challenge will give you two something to talk about, and the competition should ensure that you both have fun and bond with each other – just make sure that you aren’t too competitive!


2. Make It Inexpensive

Avoid spending a lot of money on the first date, as this can make you feel even more pressured to have a good time. Instead go for something inexpensive or free, such as checking out local museums and libraries. This means you and your date will be doing something a little different, and you won’t feel as much pressure to make sure that the date is a success. A museum will also give you plenty to talk about!


3. Have A Drink In A Different Setting

If you enjoy beer or wine but you hate the idea of sitting in a loud, busy bar, consider checking out a brewery or a vineyard. This means that you and your date will still be able to enjoy a drink – but in a more peaceful, relaxed setting. It is also a more unique date location, so your date is more likely to be impressed by your choice!


4. Learn Together

A cooking class or an art class will provide a fun, social setting where you and your date can get to know each other – and as there is a teacher there, you won’t feel like you constantly have to think of things to say!


5. Try Some Trivia

A trivia game is a great way to get to know more about each other, and it also gives you and your date the chance to make a real connection. You could try a simple game of trivial pursuit, or you could find more personal questions online; just make sure that they aren’t too personal, as this could result in an awkward situation!


6. Get Outside

Studies have found that people tend to feel more relaxed and positive when they are in nature, so if you and your date both feel nervous an outdoor date could be a great idea. Check out the local park, take both of your dogs for a walk or enjoy a picnic together – there are lots of options to choose from!

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Amy Johnson
Written by Amy Johnson