John And Jessica Get Married!

John And Jessica Get Married!

Jessica and John started talking on Date British Guys in 2019, and now they are married! We got in touch with the happy couple to hear their love story…


Congratulations you two! When did you first start talking?

Jack: We first started talking on December 5th, 2019.

Jessica: I actually found John first and liked his profile. He then in return liked mine, and we started talking that day. We instantly had a connection, and I knew within a week we were meant to meet each other!


When did you first meet?

Jessica: After a few weeks of talking, we bought a plane ticket to America in February of 2020 and he stayed with me for 2 weeks. A month later I went to the UK to meet his family, and during that time the pandemic started and the bans happened. We knew we’d be separated for a long time, so John decided to propose to me in Northumberland on the beach. It was perfect.


What do you love about each other?

John: I love how we just get each other, how we can make each other laugh. When we are together we always have a super fun time. I love how kind, caring and loving she is. She always knows how to make me smile and laugh. A complete sense of contentment.

Jessica: John is absolutely perfect for me. He is so sweet, kind and caring. We joke about how similar we are. He is 100% my soulmate and I’m so grateful for this site.



What are your plans for the future?

Jessica: We plan to file for a Spouse Visa in October, and I plan to move to the UK in February of 2022.

Jack: And hopefully in the near future we will have a family together.


What is your favourite memory together?

Jessica: My favorite memory is definitely meeting him at the airport for the first time. It was an amazing feeling, and I always get that same feeling when I see him again after months apart.

John: My favorite memory is also meeting for the first time! I’ll always remember her running and hugging me, and us kissing for the first time meeting in the airport.


Do you have any advice for singles on DBG?

John: Keep faith in the process, and keep patient. Someone will come along when you are least expecting it, but it will be the best love of your life.

Jessica: Stay positive! Especially during these times. It’s harder to meet people these days I feel, but I just want people to know that long distance does work, and that this site helped me find my amazing husband who I couldn’t imagine not having in my life now.



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Amy Johnson
Written by Amy Johnson