Jenny and Will get engaged!

Jenny and Will get engaged!

Jenny and Will met through Date British Guys in May, 2018 – and now they are engaged to be married! We contacted the couple to find out more about their love story…


Hi Jenny and Will! Where are you both from?

Jenny: “I’m from Phoenix, Arizona.”

Will: “And I’m from Devon, England.”


When did you first start talking to each other?

Jenny: “We met in May, 2018, but I first joined your website in the summer of 2017. I talked to several guys on Date British Guys before I started talking to Will. In fact, I had all but given up on online dating; I mostly logged on to check out the new website – and I just so happened to quickly glance at my admirers.

I saw Will’s profile and read his description, and I was instantly interested. I sent him a quick message and we actually went from messaging to a phone call later that same day. That was definitely unique for me; I had never spoken to anyone else from a dating site the very first day I knew of their existence!”


How was the first phone call?

Jenny: “It was a great phone call! We talked for two hours, and by the end we both new that this was something special. So one month later he flew to the US to spend two weeks with me! We spent our first date together walking around Manhattan Beach. It was very romantic; we couldn’t stop staring at each other, and I realised I was in love with him. It was amazing.”


What was the first date like?

Will: “It was a perfect date! I quickly realised that Jenny is the most loving person I’ve ever met. She made me feel great about myself for the whole trip.”


What happened next?

Jenny: “In August I visited Devon for ten days in August to meet his friends and family. He then came back to the US for October- December so we could be together for all of the major holidays. By this point we knew we wanted to be together forever – and then on December 17th, he proposed to me on the same mountain we had climbed back in June. It was perfect!”


Jenny and Will love story


What are your plans for the future?

Will: “I’ve just had the luck getting a three month visa for the US, so I have more time to spend with Jenny making plenty of memories together! It’s given us time together as a family, and lots of time to spend with her wonderful daughter. It also gave me the chance to propose to Jenny, so now we are planning a 2019 wedding. It’s going to be a very exciting year!”


Will, do you have any advice for singles using Date British Guys?

Will: “My advice is to make sure that you are available to chat if you start talking to someone! The time difference can be hard, but keep at it.  You may be surprised by the cultural differences you wouldn’t even think existed, so try to be understanding. Don’t be afraid to take the leap if you meet someone you really like. Finally if you are dating someone from across the pond you need to provide time, effort and support for the other person.”


Jenny, do you have any advice for singles using Date British Guys?

Jenny: “Just keep at it. I met a lot of guys on the site before Will and nothing really seemed right, but I kept feeling like my British guy was out there so I stayed active on the site.

And make sure you show the other person who you really are- don’t be afraid to tell the person you’re talking to that you’ve had a bad day or that things aren’t going so well for you at work, for example! You can tell a lot about how they respond to you- what set Will apart from the beginning was how compassionate he was and how understanding he was when I came to him with a problem.

I am so grateful to your site- it really does work if you’re willing to be honest and open with each other and open to finding love. Thank you so much!”


Congratulations Jenny and Will! The team at Date British Guys are so happy to discover you found each other. Enjoy the rest of your lives together as a family!

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Amy Johnson
Written by Amy Johnson