Jen and Stew – Wedding Update!

Jen and Stew – Wedding Update!

Remember that adorable couple Jen and Stew, whose success story we featured at the end of last year?

Jen from Florida and Stew from County Durham met on in 2014 and last month, they became man and wife! After admiring their beautiful wedding photos (seriously, isn’t Stew a dapper chap??), we caught up with the new bride a month after her dream wedding to Stew to tell us all about their special day:

“I wanted to send a little note to let all of you at know that Stewart and I got married on April 18th of this year.  It was such a beautiful day and we were surrounded by our friends and family.

We got married here in Florida and the majority of planning was done while he was still in the UK.  As it was taking place in my home country and state, I didn’t want it to feel like it was just ‘my’ wedding, but our wedding. So we tried to blend traditions from both sides of the pond.

Figuring out which traditions we wanted in our wedding from each country was actually a fun part of the process! It was well worth the money spent on the fascinators for example; these are fancy hats women wear in the UK for special occasions.

That was one of my favorite ideas. I mean, what woman doesn’t want to wear one of those at one point or another?

Newlyweds Jen and Stew with their pup, Abby!

Newlyweds Jen and Stew with their pup, Abby!

Thank you again for creating a site that helps to connect people from all over the world. Without you, there would be no us.”

Now that she has started her new life with Stew, we asked Jen for one piece of advice for anyone thinking about joining, and meeting someone from the other side of the pond:

“Take a chance and don’t be scared to cast a wide net when it comes to looking for love.”


The adorable couple, with Jen rocking her fascinator!


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