Is Your Type The Wrong Type?

Is Your Type The Wrong Type?

Everyone is single at some point in their lives. However if you find that you are still single after years of actively trying to find a relationship, you may have the wrong type.

Many people spend their lives looking for love, but because they always fall for the wrong type of person they struggle to find a committed, loving relationship. Instead they find themselves constantly in the first stage of dating; messaging someone for a while and getting closer, but then the relationship fizzles out and they are back to step one.

If you can relate to this, it is possible that your type is the wrong type. Here are eight signs that your type is the wrong type.


1. Your Friends Say You Have A Bad Type

Your friends often say that you fall for the wrong type of person, and although they are often being light-hearted there is seriousness in their words.


2. Your Relationships End In The Same Way

Most of your relationships have ended in a similar way. Maybe you date people for a while and then they start ghosting you, or maybe the majority of your exes have been unfaithful. This indicates that there is a common theme of you falling for people who are not right for you.


3. You Rarely Know Where You Stand

You’ve been talking to someone new for a few weeks, and you speak on a near daily basis – but you have no idea if you are officially dating or just friends. The other person is often flirtatious and they do make time to speak to you, but you never feel certain of the situation. This indicates that you are attracted to commitment-phobes who string people along.


4. You Never Feel Safe When You Are Dating

When you are dating someone you never feel fully relaxed and safe. You often pretend to be someone that you are not, and you are constantly trying to impress them or make them laugh. This could mean that you fall for people that intrigue you, rather than people who you are actually compatible with.


5. You Stick To Your Type

You never date outside of your type because you think that you won’t click with other people.


6. You Don’t See The Bigger Picture

You are too busy focusing on the way people dress or their attitudes to look at the bigger picture of who they really are. This means that you maximise the one good thing about them (such as their cool, flippant attitude) but you minimise the bad things about them (such as their mean personality).


7. Your Dates And Relationship Never Give You What You Want

The people that you date make you happy in the short term, such as while you are messaging them, but in the long term you often feel unsatisfied and unsure. You wish they would contact you more and commit to a relationship, but they rarely make a proper effort with you. This can be very upsetting and frustrating, and over time it can give you a jaded view of love.


What do you think about these points? Do you agree? Let us know with a comment!

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