Is Your Personality Attractive?

Is Your Personality Attractive?

Most people have clear patterns when it comes to their dating life. Some people constantly seek out monogamy and true love, while others fear commitment and relationships – but do you know what your own pattern is?

When it comes to dating, most people are predictable, and this is often due to their personality type. This isn’t necessarily positive or negative, but it can be beneficial to be aware of your dating personality type – especially if you are single and looking for love!

Here are the main dating personality types – which one are you?


1. The Evader

The Evader tends to avoid drama in their dating life. They aren’t proactive about making an effort to meet new people, and when they do meet someone new they don’t tend to make much effort. It can be difficult to make solid plans with an evader, and if problems start to appear the evader will quickly become frustrated and walk away from the potential relationship.

The evader wants to have an organic connection with someone who loves them, but they don’t want to have to make a big effort themselves. If you can relate to this, it could mean that you need to make more of an effort if you want to find love.


2. The Safeguarder

The safeguarder is a natural protector, so they are normally attracted to people who they think need protecting. They love to care for other people, and they often try to ‘rescue’ people that they are dating from the distress in their lives. Protectors tend to feel more important if they think that they are helping the people around them, but it can mean that their date depends on them too much; for instance, the protector may end up covering most of the bills.

If you can relate to this, it means that you need to have more balance in your dating life. If you meet someone new, take the time to step back and assess if the relationship is healthy or unhealthy.


3. The Daydreamer

The daydreamer is very monogamous, and they tend to have a very active imagination when it comes to love! They often fantasize about re-connecting with exes, and when they date someone new they fall for them quickly. This means that they often struggle to walk away from relationships when they turn bad, as they hope that they can turn the relationship into their dream relationship.

If you think that you are a daydreamer, try to be more realistic about the people that you date. Remember that it is easy to fixate on someone’s best traits at the beginning, but that is because you don’t know them properly yet.


4. The Charmer

The charmer is naturally charming and appealing, and they tend to do very well in social situations. They love the chase and the initial attraction to someone, but they can think that monogamy is unrealistic, and they can quickly get bored if their relationship encounters problems.

If you think that you are a charmer you may need to work on your commitment issues. Don’t move too quickly when you start dating someone new; just take it day by day to see if you are compatible enough to be in a relationship.


5. The Victim

The victim tends to go from bad relationship to bad relationship, and this is often because they are afraid of being alone or upsetting the other person. This means that they often go out with people that they don’t have much in common with, and as they can be quite empathetic they often make excuses for their partner when they behave badly.

If you can relate to this you need to work on your self-esteem. You don’t deserve to be treated poorly, and you shouldn’t be in a relationship with anyone who pushes you around.

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