Is It Good To Be A Hopeless Romantic?

Is It Good To Be A Hopeless Romantic?

Do you believe in love at first sight? Do you dream of love letters and fateful encounters? Is finding love the most important thing in your life?

If so, you may be a hopeless romantic. Hopeless romantics constantly focus on finding love, and when they meet someone they like they tend to fall for them quickly. They envision spending the rest of their lives together, even if they have only just met them – but is this a bad thing?

The answer is maybe. There are certainly benefits to being a hopeless romantic, but there are a few risks too.


1. The Good Things About Being A Hopeless Romantic

Research has found that hopeless romantics tend to avoid playing love games, instead preferring to communicate how they feel. This is mature and straightforward, and it means they are less likely to waste time with someone who they feel doesn’t suit them. This confidence can also help their date to open up and be more honest about how they feel, which is a good sign for a healthy relationship.

Hopeless romantics are also more likely to reject negative opinions from people who aren’t involved in their relationship, which can be a good thing if the other person is being jaded or cynical. However this can cause problems if the hopeless romantic is choosing to ignore reasonable advice; rose-tinted glasses are rarely a good thing!


2. The Bad Things About Being A Hopeless Romantic

Two things hopeless romantics struggle with are red flags and boundaries. If they really, really like someone, they tend to idolize them and assume they can do no wrong. This means they minimize bad behavior (such as being ignored for days) or validate it, which can create a power imbalance in the relationship.

If you can relate to this, remember that you are worthy of healthy, normal love. This love is more realistic than fairy tale love (and it is also more likely to last a lifetime).


3. How To Maintain A Healthy Balance When Dating

You can maintain a healthy balance in your love life by becoming a hopeful romantic (rather than a hopeless romantic). It is fine to dream of love and romance, but you should never fall so hard that you ignore red flags or bad behavior. Sure, you can be passionate – but you can also be pragmatic and true to yourself.

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Amy Johnson
Written by Amy Johnson