Is He A Player Or Boyfriend Material?

Is He A Player Or Boyfriend Material?

When you start dating someone new, it can be difficult to work out if they are really interested in you or not. Lots of men string women along for months, acting like they want a relationship but refusing to commit, and this can be seriously stressful – especially if you know that you are looking for a relationship.

If you want to work out if your crush is boyfriend material or not, use these signs to work out if he is looking for a future with you or simply enjoying himself.


Signs That Show He Is A Player

Here are a few signs that indicate that your date is a player.

He doesn’t want to talk about your relationship status. No matter how often you try to bring it up, you never manage to get a straight answer out of him about if you are together or not. He often makes vague comments that seem positive, but he isn’t willing to actually commit.

He thinks it is fine when he doesn’t call or text. He acts like your boyfriend when you are in the same room, but once he leaves the house you don’t hear from him for days. This is because he doesn’t feel obligated to text you – and also he doesn’t want to. After all, if he did, he would.

He only ever refers to you by your name. He never introduces you as his girlfriend or his date, and he doesn’t have a pet name for you; he just refers to you using your name.

He doesn’t talk to you about other things besides your life and sex. He is more than happy to flirt or make light-hearted conversation, but he never opens up and talks about his life, his past, his emotions or his feelings for you.

Meeting his family hasn’t come up. He never talks about you meeting his family, and you worry that if you bring it up it will scare him off.


Signs That Show He Is Boyfriend Material

If your date is displaying these traits, it could mean that he is boyfriend material.

He makes an effort to maintain contact. He always takes the time to message you, text you and ring you back, so you never feel like you are being ignored. Sure, sometimes he is busy, but in general he makes a decent effort to show you that he is interested.

He is chivalrous. Your date makes an effort to do everything properly; he wants to take you out on dates, he isn’t pushy with sex and he is more than happy to spend half an hour talking on the phone. He also makes it clear that he wants to meet your friends and family and be involved in your life.

He knows how not to behave. You don’t worry about him lying to you or cheating on you, as your date understands the difference between right and wrong.

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Amy Johnson
Written by Amy Johnson