Irritating Habits That Can Spoil A First Date

Irritating Habits That Can Spoil A First Date

Do you go on a lot of first dates without much success? If so, you may have an irritating dating habit that makes it hard to land a second date. This can make the dating process pretty unpleasant, but it is possible to identify and remove bad dating habits. This will improve your success rate when meeting new people.

Here are four irritating habits that can spoil a first date.


1. Irritating Habits That Can Spoil A First Date: Not Saying Enough About Yourself

Some people spend the first date trying to seem mysterious and sophisticated, but going too far with this can make you seem dull or disinterested. Remember that the main goal for a first date is to find out more about each other – so if you’re staying quiet, you may struggle to get a second date set up.

Make an effort to share some stories about yourself, even if you’re feeling shy. This will help the conversation to flow, and it also means you are more likely to make a good impression. And always remember that silence doesn’t equal mystery!


2. Forgetting To Appreciate The Other Person

While it is good to talk about yourself, don’t go overboard. Make sure to ask your date questions about themselves, and be appreciative if you’re having a good time. This could be as simple as saying “you have a really inspiring job”, or it could be a physical compliment about their appearance. Either way, if you are impressed by the other person, it is important to let them know!


3. Talking About How Much You Hate Dating

Dating is tough, and most people understand that. However there is a time and a place to discuss your dislike of dating – and it isn’t when you’re actually on a date. Remember that you’re spending time with a new person who doesn’t know you well, and if you constantly talk about dating fatigue you could come across as negative or disinterested. Sure, dating can suck – but that is a conversation best saved for your friends!

4. Being Arrogant

It can be tempting to start bragging if you want to impress your date, but this rarely works well. You will likely seem arrogant or competitive, rather than flirty – and this is off-putting to the vast majority of people. Remind yourself that you are more than enough without having to brag. The right person will like you for who you want; you won’t need to flex or exaggerate to impress them.

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Amy Johnson
Written by Amy Johnson