Internet Dating Tips You Should Ignore

Internet Dating Tips You Should Ignore

The internet is filled with internet dating tips and advice. Some tips help people to improve their confidence, while other tips help people to set up interesting, eye-catching online dating profiles. This can be very beneficial as it helps people to get the most out of their dating experience… but not all dating tips should be listened to.

There are lots of informed, out-dated dating tips that can be found online, and if you follow them they won’t improve your dating experience – in fact, they are more likely to ruin your experience and make it harder for you to find someone!

Here are three out-dated internet dating tips that you should definitely ignore.


1. Internet Dating Tips You Should Ignore: Don’t Seem Too Interested

Lots of dating websites say that if you find someone you like, you shouldn’t seem too interested; don’t text back too soon, never text twice in a row, and make sure to regularly cancel on plans so that you seem like a busy socialite.

Sure, this may make you seem cool and popular.. but it also makes it seem like you aren’t really interested in your crush. This can be disheartening for them, especially if they feel like they make more of an effort than you do. So if you like someone, be honest with your actions! It is very likely that they will enjoy and appreciate your affection, and it will encourage them to continue talking to you.


2. Don’t Send The First Message

One of the most famous pieces of dating advice (especially for women) is don’t send the first message. This is so you don’t come across as overly keen, but in reality this is a terrible idea! If you really want to meet someone and you see someone you like on an online dating website, you should definitely send them a message. After all, they may never see your profile if you don’t!


3. Any Advice That Tells You To Hide Your Personality

Lots of dating websites encourage people to hide certain aspects of their personality, but this isn’t a good idea if you are looking for a long-term relationship. Instead you should focus on embracing the best parts of your personality; if you love telling jokes you could try to make someone laugh with your first message, and if you love hiking you could include that in your profile.

Remember that you are who you are, and the truth will come out eventually. Sure, it is totally fine to work on your negative personality traits, but you should never pretend to be someone you’re not.

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