How You Can Save Money While Dating

How You Can Save Money While Dating

Do you want to save money while dating?

Brits are big spenders when it comes to dating. Recent research found that the average date in the UK costs around £129 between two people, which is far more than other European countries (Spain came in second, with the average date costing around £55).

So if you’re dating in the United Kingdom, you may be wondering how you can save money on dating (while still having a great night). Thankfully this is entirely possible; you just need to be a little savvy.

Here are four easy ways to save money while dating.


1. How To Save Money While Dating: Spilt Starters And Desserts

You don’t have to skip starters and dessert to save money when you eat out; instead, do the more romantic option of splitting parts of the meal. If there is a starter that you both think sounds good, just order one and both of you can try it. This will make the date feel more romantic and intimate, and you can bond over a love of similar foods – while also saving a little money.


2. Go To Restaurants And Bars With Offers And Deals

Look online for restaurants and bars with offers and deals on (such as two for one on cocktails, or 25% off the whole meal). Lots of venues do discount offers on quiet nights to draw in customers, so you may struggle to find a deal during the weekend, but this is a great option for a weeknight date night. The food and drinks will be just as good, so you will still have an awesome night, but the bill will be significantly cheaper!


3. Be Thoughtful, Instead Of Extravagant

If you’re dating someone you really, really like, you may be tempted to plan an extravagant date – but if you don’t want to spend lots of money, we suggest being thoughtful instead. For instance, if you know your crush likes painting you could paint a painting date in the park, instead of taking them out for a four course meal. This will show them that you really care about them without breaking the bank.


4. Have Drinks At Home First

Have you and your crush already been on a few dates? If you have, you could consider inviting them to your place for drinks before the date. You can enjoy a wine bottle of wine in your home with some music, and then you can head to a restaurant for a meal after. This is normally much cheaper than bar hopping, and it also means that your crush will get to see your house for the first time.

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