How To Take The Stress Out Of Online Dating

How To Take The Stress Out Of Online Dating

Online dating is different for everyone. Some people sign up and meet their soulmate within a few weeks… while others can spend years switching from online dating website to online dating website without any success. It can be tempting to assume this is all down to good looks and charm… but in reality this is rarely the case. When it comes to online dating, attitude is everything – so you’ve got to make sure that you have the right attitude if you want to have a fun, stress-free dating experience.

Here are a few tips to help take the stress out of online dating.


1. Create A Wish List

Once you have written your profile you may think you should start messaging people you like the look of – but we recommend that you create a wish list first. And no, we don’t mean a list with things like “must be over 6ft” or “must earn lots of money”- we mean you should create a wish list of meaningful things that you really care about. For instance, you might want to put “is looking for a serious relationship” if you’re not interested in casual dating.

And remember – this list should be realistic and honest, rather than aspirational.


2. Get Writing

The writing doesn’t stop once you have written your profile and created a wish list! This is because now it is time for you to start messaging other members. You may be tempted to wait for other people to message you first, but in reality you are not the only person with this attitude. In fact, lots of people have the exact same attitude… which means that a significant chunk of people create a profile and then never message anyone!

So if you want to succeed with online dating, get rid of your pride and start messaging other people. Aim to message at least three new people a week (until you find someone you like), and try to go for people who have similar interests to you (as this means they are more likely to message you back).


3. Set Up A Date When You Start Talking To Someone New

If you start messaging someone on Date British Guys and you realise there is a connection, ask them if they want to speak on the phone or set up a Skype date. This will make it easier for you to move forward with the relationship, as back and forth messaging can become dull quickly.


4. Don’t Expect Too Much From The First Few Conversations

It takes time to get to know someone properly, so don’t be too judgemental on your first date (whether this is an in-person date, or a Skype date). After all, lots of people feel very nervous when they are on a first date, so they may seem shy or quiet, even if they are not! So try to be friendly and understanding, rather than judgemental or harsh.

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