How To Politely End An Online Dating Conversation

How To Politely End An Online Dating Conversation

You’ve been talking to someone online for a while, but you just don’t feel a spark. Maybe you’re not attracted to them, or maybe you’ve realised that you’re not compatible.

Can you relate to this? If so, you’re probably wanting to end things politely. This is the most respectful way to go about things – but in a time when ghosting and breadcrumbing are rife, you may feel unsure of the best way to end things.

Thankfully we’ve got your back. Here are three tips to help you politely end an online dating conversation.


1. How To Politely End An Online Dating Conversation: Commit To Staying Away From Ghosting

It can be tempting to ghost someone so that you don’t have to have a potentially awkward conversation. However ghosting can be really upsetting for the other person. Various studies have found that being ghosted can seriously affect someone’s self-esteem, and it could also put them off dating in the future.

Ghosting doesn’t also necessarily mean that you can avoid an awkward conversation. After all, it is likely that the person will continue to message you for a few days, and they may even ask why you’ve stopped talking to them. So be fair to both you and your date by actually having a conversation to end things. This means that the other person knows where they stand, and it also means they will probably stop messaging you altogether.


2. Be Transparent And Honest

When you do end things, be transparent and honest. This doesn’t mean you have to be unkind or cruel, but it will normally help the other person to move on if they understand why you ended things. You could say that you don’t feel a spark if you’re not attracted to them, or if you dislike their personality you could say that you’re not compatible. This will help to give them closure, so that you can both truly move on.


3. Consider The Other Person’s Feelings And Needs

It is always important to consider the other person’s feelings and needs, even if you don’t see a future with them. For instance, if you have been dating for a few weeks, they may appreciate a phone call instead of a message. This shows that you still value their feelings, even if you don’t want to date them.

It is also important to consider their schedule (if you know what that is). Be respectful; don’t end things while they are at work, or out with friends. Wait until you know they have some free time alone, and then bring up the conversation so that they can process their feelings properly.

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Amy Johnson
Written by Amy Johnson