How To Move From Dating To A Relationship

How To Move From Dating To A Relationship

Being single is fun, but dating someone is a lot of fun too. It feels great to spend time with a new person while slowly getting to know them, especially if you have a genuine connection and a strong attraction to each other.

However there are some downfalls to dating, and one of the main ones is struggling to move from dating to a relationship. You can talk to your date on a daily basis and even make future plans with each other, but for some reason it just doesn’t seem to be turning into a relationship.

If you can relate to this don’t worry. Most people go through this experience, and thankfully there are a few useful tips and tricks you can employ to speed up the process.

Here is how to move from dating to a relationship.


1. Stop And Set Boundaries

Sometimes it can feel like you are in a relationship, even though you are only dating. This often happens because both parties are spending a lot of time together and being physically intimate, and while this is a lot of fun it can slow down the relationship title. This is because you are both already getting a full relationship experience without having to commit to each other in a real, serious sense.

Take the time to think about boundaries that you would like to set, from spending less time together to holding back on physical intimacy. There are lots of options, so you should be able to think of something that works for you!


2. Think About If You Really Want A Relationship

If you think you want something serious with your crush you may be right, but sometimes the desire can be intensified by rose coloured glasses. Sit down and ask yourself; do we have fun with each other? Am I prepared to make compromises for this person? What do I really like about them?

This is a good way to see the relationship in a realistic light, and this will make it easier for you to bring up the possibility of a relationship with your crush if you realise that you really like them.


3. Be Selfless

If you really want to impress your crush, one of the best things you can do is be selfless. A recent British study found that people found potential partners more attractive if they occasionally behaved selflessly. Take the time to help the people in your life, and you could also consider volunteering.


4. Don’t Get Too Serious Too Soon

If you have only been speaking to the other person for a few weeks you should avoid bringing up “the talk”. This is because many people will think that it is too soon to know if you are fully compatible, so if they feel pressured into getting serious it is likely that they will back off. Just focus on enjoying yourself for now!

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