How To Make Every Date Amazing

How To Make Every Date Amazing

A good date will make you feel appreciated, confident and happy, but a bad date can leave you feeling frustrated and sad. Thankfully it is easy to ensure that every date is enjoyable and stress-free – you just need to remember a few dating tips and tricks.

Use these 4 tips to make sure that you are a good date every time you go on a date with someone.


How To Make Every Date Amazing

1. Leave Your Phone In Your Pocket

Most people know that it is rude to go on a date and then spend the whole night scrolling through their phone. However, people still do it – in fact it is fairly common behaviour! You might think it is okay to take a quick call or send one message on Facebook, but it is only really acceptable if it is an emergency. If not it can wait; you are already enjoying the company of someone you find attractive, and they may assume that you are not interested in them if you act like you prefer your phone to them.


2. Talk About Yourself In The Right Way

If you are getting to know someone new you should make an effort to talk about yourself in the right way so that you make a good impression. Don’t undersell yourself or brag about your achievements, as most people will find this behaviour unattractive. Simply be realistic and confident when you are talking about your life, career or other relationships.


3. Avoid Short Responses

It is easy to answer questions with “yes” or “no” or another monosyllabic answer – but you should avoid doing it. You’re on a date because you both want to find out more about each other, and it is difficult to do that if one person is being uncommunicative. It makes you seem disinterested and bored, and your date may even think that you are being rude. It can also stop the conversation, as you are not giving your date anything to respond to.


4. Be On Your Best Behaviour

Everyone wants to make a good impression when they are on a date, and the best way to do this is to be on your best behaviour. Pay attention to your date and make sure that they are comfortable and enjoying themselves. Listen when they are speaking instead of waiting to talk, and thank them at the end of the night. Be well-mannered and avoid being too loud or raucous – and don’t spend the evening glancing at other attractive people who pass you by! This will impress your date, and it will make you feel good too.

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Amy Johnson
Written by Amy Johnson