How To Leave A Toxic Relationship

How To Leave A Toxic Relationship

Life during a toxic relationship can feel like a rollercoaster. Constant ups and downs, and even when things are good it can feel like you are treading on eggshells, waiting for the next argument to erupt. This is emotionally draining and stressful, so if you want to leave it is totally understandable – in fact, it is likely the best decision for your own happiness.

However it can be very difficult to leave a toxic relationship, especially if your partner is manipulative or dependent.

Here are five tips to help you leave a toxic relationship.


1. How To Leave A Toxic Relationship: Surround Yourself With Support

Before you end the relationship it can be beneficial to surround yourself with people who love and support you. They can support you throughout the break up (for instance, they may offer you a place to stay), and they will help you stick to your decision when you are feeling down. They will help you to be the strongest possible version of yourself.


2. Don’t Blame Yourself For Everything

Toxic, manipulative people often blame the other person for everything, but don’t fall for this; they are only doing it so they don’t have to deal with the consequences of their actions. Sure, you probably didn’t do everything right, but it is time to move forward so you can both be happier. Accept you both did wrong, and move on with your life.


3. Stop All Contact

Once the relationship is over there is no need to stay in contact – especially if you know they can be selfish and manipulative. You need to make it clear that the break up is serious so you can both move on. Don’t drag this out, or you could end up causing even more hurt.


4. Stick With Your Goal

Some days you will be happy about your decision to end the relationship, but some days you may find yourself questioning your decision. On the down days remind yourself that it is normal to miss old routines and habits, but it doesn’t mean that they were good routines or habits. You left for a reason, and now you can create happier, more positive routines.


5. Be Open To New Opportunities

Most people need time after a toxic relationship to rediscover themselves, and this is totally normal and healthy – but after a few months, you might start wanting to date again. When this happens try to be open to new opportunities, even if you still feel pain from your last relationship. Everyone deserves to be happy, including you.

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