How to have the perfect Skype date

How to have the perfect Skype date

Skype is one of the most popular video messaging apps, and for long distance dating it is definitely a life saver!

After all, the tagline for Skype is “doing things together, whenever you’re apart”, which is the perfect description for a long distance date – but how exactly do you plan a successful Skype date?

It is important to make sure that your Skype date is different to a normal Skype session. If you want to impress someone who is currently in a different country, here are a few tips to help you plan the perfect Skype date.


1. Make Sure That You Are Both Fully Aware Of The Time Difference

One of the biggest problems with long distance dating is the time difference – in fact, it can completely ruin a Skype date if one person gets confused. Make sure that you are both aware of time zone differences before the date so that you know when to log on.


2. Set Rules

You wouldn’t go on a date without a plan beforehand, so take some times to set a plan. You could order Chinese food together, you could cook together or you could just watch a movie together, but it is important to have a mutual plan so that it feels like a date.


3. Do Some Preparation

It can also be fun to go a step further and do something before the date. A romantic gesture gesture such as ordering food to your date’s house is sure to impress them, and you could even send a bottle of wine too!

You can also set your room up to have a romantic vibe by lighting some candles and playing some music quietly. This will help to set the mood for you so that you feel relaxed instead of awkward.


4. Be Colorful

Skype cameras aren’t always too great, but you can make yourself stand out by dressing in something colorful.


5. Get The Angle Right

Angles can make you look more or less attractive, so it is definitely important to make sure that your camera is at a flattering album. Avoid pointing the camera up at your face as that can create the illusion of a double chin, and instead point the camera slightly down at your face to make your skin look clear and fresh.


6. Make Sure There Is Lighting In Front Of You

Lighting behind you will make you look shadowy, and this means that your date will struggle to see your face clearly. You can avoid this by sitting in front of a window or a light so that you are fully illuminated.


7. Go Somewhere With A Great Internet Connection

The most important part of a successful Skype date is a good internet connection. It doesn’t matter how romantic the date is – if the camera keeps cutting out you won’t be able to fully enjoy yourself, so you should make sure that you are at a location with a great internet connection.

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