How To Have The Perfect Second Date

How To Have The Perfect Second Date

People place a lot of importance on first dates. They worry about what to wear and where to go, and if the date will be awkward or fun. However, no-one spends much time thinking about the second date, even though it is normally more important!

The first date gives you to chance to meet someone new and see if there is a spark. If a second date is arranged you get the chance to turn that spark into a real connection with someone you are attracted to. A second date is more meaningful and important, and it could be the start of a genuine relationship.

Here are 5 tips to make sure that the second date is even better than the first date.


1. Do Something Low Pressure

The first date was a big success; you went to an expensive bar for drinks, followed by a delicious meal in a beautiful restaurant. You both had a lot of fun, but now you feel under pressure to make sure that the second date is as good as the first.

This is normal, and the best way to deal with the problem is to make the second date a low-pressure date. Visit your favorite coffee shop or pizzeria, or go for a walk around the neighbourhood together. As the date is so different to the first date you won’t be tempted to compare them, and it gives you both a chance to get to know more about each other in a relaxed environment.


2. Travel To The Date Together

It is likely that you met your date at the venue on the first date, but now you know each other a little better and you can travel to the date together. This is a good way to get to spend more time together, and it gives you more to talk about as you will see each other’s neighbourhoods.


3. Discuss The First Date

The reason why you are together again is because the first date was so successful, so it is a good idea to bring up the date. Talk about funny things that happened, or parts of the date that you especially enjoyed. This will refresh your date’s memory about the date, and it is a good way to find out how they feel about both you and the date.


4. Stay Light-hearted

You have a connection with the other person but it is still too soon to talk about the intimate details of your life. You are still getting to know each other so you should focus on learning more about each other, rather than using it as a chance to talk about past relationships or the problems in your life.


5. Get Rid Of Your Expectations

After a wonderful first date it can be tempting to have high expectations for the second date. However this puts a lot of pressure on both the date and the person you are dating. Remember that you aren’t in an exclusive relationship yet and you don’t know each other well, so it is important to take it slow and not expect too much.

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Amy Johnson
Written by Amy Johnson