How To Have The Perfect First Date

How To Have The Perfect First Date


You started talking to someone new, and so far it is going really well. You love talking to them and you’ve decided to meet up for the first time. You’re so excited to go on a date with them!

You can finally get to sit down with them and get to really know each other, but you are feeling a little nervous; you like the person and you really want the date to go well.

If you can relate to this, here are seven things that you can do to guarantee a great first date for you (and your date!)


1. Get Rid Of Your First Date Expectations

A first date is very relaxed, so it is important to have realistic expectations. There are lots of different possible outcomes; maybe they will be ‘the one’ or maybe you will never see them again.

Try to relax and have fun with the dating game – after all, you are spending some time with someone you find attractive, which is quite enjoyable!


2. Wear An Outfit That You Love

Appearance does matter when it comes to choosing a partner, so make sure you wear clothes that are clean and hole-free; no-one wants their date to meet them in their old trainers!

The main priority is to wear an outfit that you genuinely love – not one that you think might impress your date. If you like what you are wearing and you feel comfortable, your confidence will shine through and you will be happier and more relaxed.


3. Choose A Venue That Suits You Both

Going to the movies for a first date is a big no for some people, as you don’t get the chance to talk and get to know each other. Lots of people would consider dinner, but for shy people this can be a little intense, as the whole date is focused around talking.

There are other, more relaxed venues that are better suited to a first date, such as going for a walk, meeting up for a coffee or going to a museum. You can spend any length of time together this way, which is very useful if the date is going well! They all also give you the chance to get to know each other without too much pressure.


4. Be Confident As You Are

Maybe your date loves basketball, but you’ve never understand the hype about it. If you have different interests to your date, try to have the confidence to speak up and say how you feel. Lots of people are attracted to confidence, and this way you can talk about something you both enjoy!

It is a bad idea to pretend to like the same things as your date. If you keep dating and start a relationship, you either have to tell your date that you were lying, or you will have to keep pretending. Neither of these situations are ideal, so honesty and confidence are the best method.


5. Keep The Conversation Light And Interesting

Try to talk about your hobbies, travel, movies, music, culture and sports on a first date. These subjects are broad, and it is very likely that your date will have some opinions and stories about them to share with you.

On the other hand, try to avoid talking about political views and past relationships. These subjects are very personal to people and can cause friction and jealously – not ideal for a first date!

Make sure you are also an attentive listener; don’t interrupt your date, and pay attention to their stories and opinions. Ask follow up questions to make sure the conversation keeps flowing, and be honest with your own responses.


6. Be Honest About Your Intentions At The End Of The Date

If you had a great night and you want to see your date again, don’t end the evening with a handshake. Hug your date and express an interest in a second date, so that your date knows that you enjoyed yourself.

If you don’t feel a connection with your date, then be polite without being rude. Say “Thank you for a nice evening. I enjoyed myself. Enjoy the rest of your night!” and avoid any intimacy or kissing, as it may mislead your date.


7. Don’t Worry If It Doesn’t Go Well

There are plenty of fish in the sea, and lots of people go through bad dates before meeting their soul mate. If you aren’t enjoying the date, trust your gut and cut it short. You will find someone who appreciates you for the wonderful person that you are – it just isn’t this person.

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