How To Handle An Awkward First Date

How To Handle An Awkward First Date

Some people love first dates, while other people absolutely hate them. Normally people who love first dates are confident, empathetic and socially aware, so they tend to make the other person feel comfortable and relaxed – but what if you are less confident, or socially anxious?

This could result in a few awkward moments on the date, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be a good first date. If you want to have a better time on your first dates, here’s how to handle an awkward first date.


1. Don’t Drink Beforehand

If you’re nervous for your date you may be tempted to have a quick drink or two before you go for some added confidence, but this should be avoided – especially if you are going to a bar or a restaurant where you will be drinking more alcohol.

If you tell yourself that you need alcohol to endure a date, you are already assuming that the date will be awkward. This means that you are more likely to make it awkward – and there is definitely a chance that you will end up getting too drunk!


2. Don’t Talk Too Much On The Day Of The Date

It is likely that you and your date text or message each other regularly, but you should avoid speaking too much on the day of the date. This is because you will end up talking about your days before you even meet, and that means that there will be less for you to discuss on the date. This means that if an awkward moment occurs you can simply ask them to tell you about their day so far!


3. Avoid Small Talk

Small talk is a big part of first dates as it gives both people the chance to learn more about each other, but some people find small talk really boring. If you can relate to this you should avoid small talk all together, as it is more likely that there will be an awkward moment if you aren’t fully interested in the conversation. Instead you should bring up something that you are actually passionate about- this way you will be too busy enjoying the date to think about awkwardness!


4. Or Embrace Small Talk!

On the other hand some people love small talk, as it gives them the chance to relax during the beginning of the date. If you like small talk, simply make a big effort to listen to what the other person is saying – and bring up subjects that actually interest you! For instance you may not want to talk about work due to work stress, but you may love talking about your family.

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