How To Guarantee A Second Date

How To Guarantee A Second Date

Everyone knows the basic rules of the first date; wear clean clothes, don’t talk about your exes and be polite. But when it actually comes to arranging a second date, there are very few rules to follow.

This can be really frustrating, especially if you had a great night with someone who you thought you got along well with. The first date was fun and you felt a connection, but for some reason a second date just didn’t happen.

Thankfully there are a few rules that you can follow to increase your chances of a second date. It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman; here are four ways to guarantee a second date.


1. Arrive On Time

This may seem like an obvious rule, but still lots of people end up arriving late to their date. Normally it is no fault of their own; maybe they couldn’t find the building, or maybe they got stuck in traffic as they travelled to meet their date.

Sadly this can ruin the chances of a second date, as the person who is already there might start to feel nervous and anxious. During this time they may wonder if you are always late, or if you aren’t very interested in dating them. It can also ruin your first impression, as you will walk in feeling flustered, rather than relaxed!

For this reason you should make sure to set off early for a first date if you think there is any chance that you will be late.


2. Be Respectful To Your Date And Anyone Else You Encounter

You already know that you should be polite if you want to impress your date, but respect is just as important. It is possible that you and your date will have different opinions about a few things, and if that happens you should make it clear that you respect their viewpoint. This is a great way to show that you don’t think that you are superior – or a know it all!

You should also treat any serving staff respectfully. No one wants to go on a second date with someone who only shows respect to the people they are attracted to!


3. Have A Relaxed Mindset

Lots of people go into the first date thinking “how can I make them like me?” or “how can I make sure we have a second date?”. This is understandable if you are very attracted to your date, but in reality you should be thinking “do I actually like them?”

This reverse psychology trick stops you from coming across as needy or desperate, and it helps you to seem more relaxed and confident – two very attractive traits!

4. Come Up With A Personalized Plan

If you want to go on a second date with someone the best thing you can do is come up with a personalized second date plan. If your date mentioned that they like Italian food you could suggest meeting up again for pasta, and if you discussed your shared love of comedy films you could plan a trip to the cinema.

Make sure you bring up the plan near the end of the date, as this means that the other person has enough time to get to know you before they decide if they want to meet you again (and it stops you from seeing too desperate!). You may be tempted to wait to ask them via text, but if you ask while they are having a good time with you they are more likely to say yes.

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Amy Johnson
Written by Amy Johnson