How To Fix A Broken Heart

How To Fix A Broken Heart

Some people say time is the only way to heal a broken heart… but we are happy to report that there are lots of ways to speed up the process.

Here are four ways to help fix a broken heart.


1. Refocus Your Mind

A broken heart can give you a negative mindset, but if you want to move forward you should refocus your mind. Try to think about the positive things in your life; maybe you have great friends or a good job, or maybe you really like your new haircut. Remember that there are still lots of good things in your life; it’s just easy to forget about this when you are heartbroken.


2. Be Realistic

If you find that you are constantly thinking about the good times with your ex, be more realistic. The relationship had both highs and lows, and clearly the lows were a big issue for one of you. It could be communication issues or trust issues; either way, there is a reason why the relationship didn’t work out. Be aware of this, and focus on growing yourself so that the same issues won’t occur in future relationships.


3. Don’t Compare Yourself To Other People

Everyone is different when it comes to heartbreak, so don’t compare yourself to your friends or your ex when it comes to healing times. Some people move on faster than others, but that doesn’t mean that you will heal in a matter of days or weeks. So don’t put pressure on yourself to be happy; if you feel sad, let yourself feel the emotion without feeling ashamed.


4. Try Online Dating

Once you start to feel a little better you could consider trying online dating. There are lots of eligible singles out there, and some of them will be a better match for you than your ex. However it is important to wait until you are truly ready for this step; if not, you might carry feelings of mistrust and resentment into your next relationship.

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