How To Enjoy The Dating Process

How To Enjoy The Dating Process

Some people seem to be naturally good at flirting and first dates. They never seem to feel awkward or nervous, and if you ask if ask how they feel before a first date they normally say something like “I’m looking forward to a fun night!”

If you can’t relate to this, don’t worry. Most people don’t have buckets of charm and charisma, and this can make the dating process feel a little harder – but it doesn’t need to be this way. You simply need to make a few small changes to your mind-set and the dating process will instantly become much easier.

Here are two important tips to help you enjoy the dating process.


1. How To Enjoy The Dating Process: Change Your Perspective

If you want to have an enjoyable dating experience, you should make sure your perspective isn’t focused on worrying about your crush. Instead of focusing on your date by thinking things like “what if they hate my date idea?”, shift your perspective inwards. Start thinking “how can I make sure that I have a great date?”, as this will make it easier for you have fun on a date.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should dismiss your date’s feelings or thoughts. Just make sure that you focus on making sure that you have a good time, rather than over analysing your date!


2. Focus On Fun, Not Finding The Love Of Your Life

The best way to have an enjoyable dating experience is to focus on having fun, not meeting the love of your life. It can be tempting to think that every woman you have a crush on could be the love of your life, but in reality this mind-set can make the dating process more stressful and upsetting – especially if it doesn’t work out! So next time you find yourself developing feelings for someone new, simply focus on having fun together without any expectations. This means that you will have more fun – and there is still every chance that you will end up meeting the love of your life!

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