How To Enjoy New Year’s Eve Parties When You Are Single

How To Enjoy New Year’s Eve Parties When You Are Single

The end of the year is a very social time. There are lots of New Year’s Eve parties to attend, which can be a lot of fun – but it can also be a bit tiresome if you are feeling a down about being single.

But if you feel this way, you may want to consider changing your perspective. After all, all of the socialising makes it easier to meet someone new (and even if you meet someone you can use all of the parties as a chance to practise your flirting!).

Here are five tips to help you enjoy New Year’s Eve parties when you are single.


1. How To Enjoy New Year’s Even Parties When You Are Single: Assign Yourself Small Tasks

If you feel awkward or nervous hanging out in big groups, assign yourself some small tasks to help get you out of your head. For instance you could talk to two new people, or you could ask one person for their contact details so you could potentially hang out again in the future. These small tasks will help you to socialise and have fun – and you never know, you could end up talking to your soulmate!


2. Show Up Early

Single people often plan to show up late to parties when things are lively, but in reality there are a lot of benefits to turning up early. It makes it easier to start conversations with other people as they won’t already be deep in conversation, so you will feel more confident and included when the party gets busy.


3. Have A Positive Mindset

The overall success of the evening depends on your mindset and mood, so try to make sure that you feel positive when you arrive. This will make it much easier for you to socialise and have fun. However it is important not to put pressure on yourself to have a good time; just rock up and see how things go!


4. Start With A Question

If the idea of walking up to people and starting a conversation makes you feel nervous, consider approaching with a question. This puts the focus on the other person, rather than yourself, so it takes some of the pressure off, and it makes it easier to have a natural, organic conversation (that isn’t forced).

If you still feel nervous remember that there are lots of other people who experience loneliness during the Christmas period – and they would probably love to have a good chat with another person!


5. Hang Out At The Food And Drinks Table

It can also be beneficial to hang out at the food and drinks table, especially if you are struggling to start a conversation. This is because it will be a high traffic area, so there are lots of people to talk to, and if you’re not sure what to say you can ask about the food. For instance you could say “what would you recommend?” or “Have you tried the desserts?”.

Dating can be difficult during the festive period, but it can also be very fruitful if you put yourself out there. So if you have a Christmas party coming up and you want to make the most of it, use our tips to ensure that you have a fun night. Good luck!

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