How To Date When You’re Always Busy

How To Date When You’re Always Busy


Busy family life, stressful career – there are lots of different reasons why some people struggle to find time for dating. Everyone has different priorities, and for some people dating isn’t their number one priority.

However, everyone can find time in their life to date – but only if they want to.


Online Dating

Online dating is a great option for people who think that they are too busy to date. You don’t have to spend time travelling to a bar to meet singles, and you can chat to other singles at any time of the day – not just on a Friday or a Saturday night.

Online dating also gives busy singles the chance to find the types of people they are looking for, as they can speak to a broad range of people, rather than just the people in the bar or pub.


Dating Around Your Schedule

If you’ve tried online dating and you still find that you are too busy to date, try dating around your schedule. If you work in the evenings, try going on coffee dates in the morning. You can find a date who has a similar schedule to you, or similar interests. For instance, you could go to the gym together, or for long walks.

Technology is also a great way for busy people to stay in contact with others. You can Facetime or Skype your date whenever you are free, or you can text and email. Whatever you choose, you can always have regular contact online.


Where To Go On Dates

When you are always busy, every moment counts. Here are some date ideas that are fun and intimate – and you can do them all in less than an hour.

Mutual interest date – If you and your date both love walking, go for a walk around the local park. If you both enjoy cooking, take a cooking class together. This will give you a chance to bond, and it won’t take up too much time.

Coffee date – Coffee dates are great for busy people as you can do them at any time of day, and there is normally a coffee shop close by, so you don’t need to travel too far.

Get a snack and eat it in the park together – This date is perfect for a sunny day, and the scenic view is bound to put both of you in a great mood.

Go to Happy Hour at your local pub or bar – you can enjoy a drink and a game of pool, and the drinks will be cheap!

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