How To Choose The Best Photos For Your Dating Profile

How To Choose The Best Photos For Your Dating Profile

If you want to get more matches, one of the most effective things you can do is upgrade the photos on your dating profile. After all, your photos give people an insight into your life (and your appearance!), so they tend to be the deciding factor when someone is thinking about matching with you.

Here are five tips to help you choose the best photos for your dating profile.


1. How To Choose The Best Photos For Your Dating Profile: Use Your Photos To Tell A Story

Use interesting, visually pleasing pictures to tell a story about your life. For instance, you could include a picture of you on a recent hike that you enjoyed, or you could share a picture of you eating at your favourite restaurant if you’re a foodie. This means that potential matches can learn a bit about you, even if they are swiping quickly.


2. Include A Headshot

It can also be useful to include a headshot. We suggest choosing a picture with good lighting and natural posing. You may be tempted to use a filter, but in reality most people prefer to match with people who have ‘real’ pictures. It is also important to be honest about who you are (especially if you hope to meet in-person eventually!).


3. Try Bold Colour

Using pictures with splashes of bold colour can also make your profile more eye-catching and memorable. This could be a picture of you in a bright red coat, or it could be a picture with a colourful background (such as a picture at the park). This will help your profile to stand out.


4. Only Use High Quality Pictures

In an Instagram-obsessed age, high-quality pictures are a must. So avoid using blurry, out of focus pictures that don’t add any value to your profile. Remember that high quality pictures will help to attract high quality people, while low quality pictures are more likely to attract scammers and people with ulterior motives.


5. Have A Talking Point Picture

Finally it can be beneficial to include a talking point picture. This is a powerful picture that is both intriguing and interesting, and it will give people a reason to strike up a conversation. It doesn’t need to be showy or overly complicated; a picture of your pet, favourite book or film could do the trick!

Online dating isn’t always simple, but it is much easier if you use a selection of interesting, high-quality pictures. This will increase your chances of finding someone. So have a look at your online dating pictures, and see if there is any new pictures you could add to make your profile even more appealing!

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