How To Be Less Needy In Relationships

How To Be Less Needy In Relationships

Some people are very needy in relationships, and sadly this makes it difficult for them to be truly happy with their partner. Even if they feel like the person they are dating is the right person for them, they can’t help but to push the relationship forward.

This can leave the other person feeling stressed, and over time it can become a big problem that can end the relationship.

If you suspect that you might be clingy in relationships, don’t worry. Here are six tips to help you be less needy when you are dating someone so that you are more likely to start a successful, happy relationship.


1. Follow Your Own Interests

When you start dating someone new you should stay focused on your own interests, such as yoga, hanging out with friends or cooking. If you don’t follow your own interests your date will quickly become your only interest, and this could mean that you end up pressuring your date to talk to you constantly.


2. Work On Your Anxiety

If you are naturally anxious you may see your partner as the person who eases the anxiety, but in reality you are an adult and you shouldn’t look to your partner for reassurance. Instead you should work on your own anxiety so that you are responsible for your own happiness, instead of your partner being the responsible one.


3. Work Through Trust Issues

Lots of people have trust issues when it comes to relationships, and that is normal and healthy – so long as you are working on your issues. This may sound logical, but many people hold on to their trust issues as they want the next person that they date to ‘fix’ them. This is a very unhealthy attitude, as you are trying to get someone else to deal with your emotional baggage, rather than dealing with it yourself.


4. Give Your Date Space

Your date may like you a lot, but they will also like their job, their friends and their family. Don’t try to monopolise their time; instead try to fit into their life naturally.


5. Work On Your Confidence

If you have low self-confidence you are more likely to be needy in relationships, as you need your partner to make sure that you feel good in a relationship. Try practising positive thinking on a daily basis, and remember that you will be happier in a relationship if you truly love and respect yourself.


6. Try To Network More

If you think that you are clingy in relationships you should make a big effort to have more friends and social contacts, as this will make you realise that your date isn’t the only important person in your life. You can do this by joining more clubs and visiting your friends and family more often.

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Amy Johnson
Written by Amy Johnson