How To Attract The Right Guy

How To Attract The Right Guy

Dating can be difficult for everyone, but there is a particular type of person who attracts the wrong people over and over again. This means that they never date someone for more than a few months, and the relationship normally ends on bad terms.

If you can relate to this, don’t worry. Lots of people unconsciously display behaviour patterns that attract the wrong people, but if you are aware of these patterns it will be much easier for you to avoid them in the future.

After all, you may not be able to change the people you meet or your environment, but you can work on your own behaviour patterns!

If you’re tired of dating the wrong people, here are seven tips you should follow if you want to attract the right person.


1. Focus On Creating New Memories, Instead Of Remembering The Past

One negative behaviour pattern that can make it hard for you to find the right person is focusing on the past, rather than the present. Everyone has past relationships and exes, but healthy, happy people don’t constantly bring up the past – especially to their new partner! This is because it will make your date feel uncomfortable, and it can also make it seem like you are still interested in your ex.


2. Have Your Own Life

Some people get a crush on someone and immediately start to drop their friends and their hobbies so they are always free for their crush, but in reality this behaviour will attract the wrong people. This is because emotionally healthy people don’t want to date clingy people; they want to date interesting, independent people who have their own lives!


3. Don’t use Social Media To Play Games

It can be tempting to fill your Instagram and Facebook accounts with sexy selfies so that your crush notices you, but this game can actually turn your crush off if you are already talking. This is because they may assume that you are posting flirty pictures to attract other people!


4. Don’t Play Games Full Stop!

Some people think that the best way to get someone to fall for them is to play games; maybe they will act like they are less interested than they actually are, or maybe they will always wait a few hours before texting back. This can seem like a good way to play it cool, but in reality it is more likely to attract the wrong person. After all, the right person will be emotionally available and mature, so your interest won’t scare them off; they will find it flattering!


5. Don’t Be Afraid Of Being Vulnerable

Lots of emotionally immature people try to hide their vulnerabilities from their date, but the right person won’t be scared off by your vulnerabilities because they will understand that most adults have a dating history. It is also worth remembering that if your feelings scare your crush off, then they aren’t the right person for you.


6. Respect Your Date

Treat your date with respect; don’t cancel on plans at the last minute, don’t take days to respond to their messages and make an effort to ask about their day. This means that you will attract someone with self-worth, which is one of the most important qualities you can find in a person.

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