How Do You Know If You’re In Love?

How Do You Know If You’re In Love?

It can be difficult to know if you are in love with someone, or if you are just infatuated with them. Some people have been in love many times before, so they know the feeling well, but other people struggle to tell the difference between like and love.

Thankfully there are lots of little signs that indicate that you have fallen in love. Here are four tell-tale signs that you are in love with your date.


1. You Feel Like You Are On Drugs

If you feel like you’re on drugs, don’t worry; apparently it is totally normal to feel this way when you start to fall in love! A recent study from the Kinsey Institute found that the brains of people who are falling in love look exactly the same as the brain of a person who has taken cocaine.

This is because both brains have a much higher concentration of dopamine, which could explain why you can’t stop smiling when you think about your date!


2. You Watch Them A Lot When You Are Together

You often catch yourself staring at your date when you are together, even if they are not talking or doing anything particularly interesting. This indicates that you are falling in love, as excessive eye contact normally means that you are fixated on your date. The eye contact can also speed up your feelings of love; another study found that if strangers lock eyes for a few minutes they start to develop romantic feelings for each other.


3. You Are Trying New Things

When people first start to fall in love they want to impress their date, so they are more likely to try new things. So if you find that you are constantly trying new foods, listening to new music and going to new places, it could mean that you are falling in love. In fact, a recent study found that people who are in love more often tend to have more varied interests and tastes, so this is definitely one of the best things that happens when you start to fall for someone!


4. You Truly Want Them To Be Happy

When people first start dating someone, they tend to put their own happiness over their date’s happiness, but when people fall in love they truly want their partner to be happy. While their own happiness is still a number one priority, they also class their partner’s happiness as important. So if you find that you feel more compassionately towards your date, it is very likely that you are starting to fall in love with them.

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Amy Johnson
Written by Amy Johnson