How Cheaters React When You Accuse Them Of Cheating

How Cheaters React When You Accuse Them Of Cheating

If you have ever experienced being cheated on, you will be well aware that confronting the cheater is rarely easy. People cheat for a wide range of reasons, and when they are confronted they often have no idea how to respond.

Some people show remorse, while other people will lie and gaslight to try and get out of the situation. Here are six ways cheaters react when you accuse them of cheating.


1. How Cheaters React When You Accuse Them Of Cheating: They Deny Everything

Cheaters often deny everything when they are confronted. They say that the person that told you is lying, and that they would never do such a horrible thing. This is a form of damage limitation, and it can be very confusing as you may want to believe them. However lying rarely works, especially if you have proof – and choosing to lie can completely destroy any trust that is left.


2. They Gaslight You

If your partner is manipulative they may try to gaslight you. They might say that they only cheated because of you; for instance, they may say that you aren’t affectionate enough and that led them to cheat. This form of manipulation can be very painful, but remind yourself that it is NOT your fault. Cheating does not solve problems in relationships; it only makes the problems worse.


3. They Play The Victim

Some cheaters may even play the victim. This may seem pretty ridiculous; after all, they are the one who is causing pain! However this tactic is actually fairly common; the cheater will say that they had no choice, that they were tricked into cheating. Remember that they do not deserve your sympathy. They are an adult, and they are responsible for their own actions.


4. They Lie About What Happened

Many cheaters also lie about what happened. They may own up to cheating on you, but lie about other factors (how many times they cheated, what the cheating meant to them). This is another form of damage control.


5. They Promise It Won’t Happen Again

Some cheaters will promise that they will never cheat again. They may have good intentions when they say this, but how can you know for sure that they won’t cheat again? Assess your feelings to see if you really trust them when they say this; if you don’t, it could mean that the relationship is over.


6. They Ask You To Forgive Them

Finally most cheaters will ask for forgiveness. They will show remorse and beg you to forgive them, and they may offer to do anything to make the relationship work. Ultimately it is up to you if you want to fix the relationship; do you think you can move past the betrayal, or is a fresh start a better option for you?

When you find out someone has cheated on you it can feel like the world is ending. You may experience sadness, anger and mourning, but remember that you were always faithful. You were a good partner, and you deserve a partner who is equally as faithful.

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