Great Date Guide; Having A Great Date In Dublin

Great Date Guide; Having A Great Date In Dublin

Dublin is a beautiful, bustling city in Ireland that is filled with traditional Irish pubs, modern restaurants and interesting, quirky venues. Whether you are visiting Dublin and you’re not sure where to go or you’ve lived there for years and you want to go somewhere new, here are some of the place places for a date in Dublin.


1. The Blind Pig

It’s very likely that you’ve never heard of the Blind Pig before, but that’s okay – in fact, it is exactly what the owners want. The Blind Pig is a super-secret, hidden bunker that doesn’t publicly share its address, so if you want to go you have to make a booking on their website. Once you have made a reservation you will you be sent information that lets you know how to find the Italian restaurant and cocktail bar.


2. Buskers On The Ball

Buskers On The Ball is perfect for anyone who loves sports, as there are shuffle boards, pool tables and table tennis games for you to choose from – but you may want to avoid this if both you and your date can be quite competitive!


3. The Vintage Tea Tours

If you want to experience some traditional British culture in Ireland, you should book a date on the Vintage Tea Tours bus. Customers enjoy biscuits and tea on a quaint double decker bus, and while they drink they will take a tour through the city to see all of the best sights.


4. Ukulele Tuesday At The Stag’s Head Pub

Head down to the Stag’s Head Pub on a Tuesday to watch a ukulele group play fantastic covers of hit songs. Including No Diggitty, Hey Ya and Creep. There are even a few spare ukuleles if you want to join in!


5. The Open Gate Brewery

If you want to impress your date you should definitely take them to the Open Gate Brewery. The functional brewery is very popular, and there is a wonderful bar where you and your date can sit down and enjoy an authentic Irish pint. However it is worth noting that the venue is capped at 120 people, so you will need to book in advance if you don’t want to be disappointed.


6. The Natural History Museum

If you and your date are interested in science (or anything morbid!), you should take them for a wander around the Natural History Museum. You can see stuffed animals, the skeletons of majestic beasts and other interesting artefacts – and if you want to sit down you can head to the café for a drink and a snack.


7. Phoenix Park

Phoenix Park is a great park with lots of different attractions. You can take a leisurely stroll around the park with your date, or you could head to the area of the park where wild deer live, or you could head to the Phoenix Park Tea Rooms for a cup of tea and a sandwich. If you go in the evening you could also check out the Hole In The Wall on Black Horse Avenue, which is a traditional pub and restaurant with an excellent tapas menu.

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Amy Johnson
Written by Amy Johnson